Mummy’s Food of Thoughts

It has been a long long while since Dear2 wrote about anything.  Yes, you’ve guessed it, taking care of Baby1 is really taking a lot of time and energy off Dear2.  Here’s some food for thoughts from the past few weeks.

1) Supply does seem to be equal to demand

Earlier, Dear2 ranted about the hardships of breastfeeding.  Only mummies who have been there done that will really appreciate why is it called ‘difficult’.  With perseverance to just give Baby1 whatever low breastmilk that mummy has, Baby1 has been happily sucking her BM up till now, her 10 week old birthday.  And it does seem that mummy’s supply is catching up with baby’s demand, cos the initially ~4 formula milk feeds per day have reduced to 0 in the past 4 days.  Let’s hope that the good work continues.  And Dear2 shall continue to test the SS = DD theory. :)

2) Food is meant to be savoured, not devoured

With Baby1 always threatening to cry once she is NOT carried, having a meal has become a very tedious task for Dear2 if no one is carrying Baby1.  Dear2 has since developed a habit of GOBBLING food down – food is only meant to fill the stomach and to provide energy.  How pathetic!  Like everything else, food should be meant to be savoured and enjoyed, and not merely as a routine.  So Dear2 tells herself to chew slowly and to enjoy the rich flavours of the food that she is eating.

3) Sweeping the dust under the sofa

Come on you guys, own up, how many of you have been sweeping the dust under the sofa, literally? Dear2 discovered that Dear1 has been doing that for the past dunno how many months, from the time Dear1 took over the task of sweeping/ mopping of floor from Dear1 during pregnancy, until confinement and beyond.  So when Dear2 is finally fit enough + cannot tahan the dirty floor and got her hands on the mop, viola, what a thick mess of BLACK dirt exist under the sofa!  Dear2 was in shock, to think that Dear1 has been doing that all the while!!  (Dear1: I didn’t… I just didn’t extend my mop fully under the sofa, that’s all… ;P)

Instead of lashing at Dear1 immediately, Dear2 took the afternoon to calm down, and then ‘confront’ Dear1 later in the evening.  Ok, sweeping the dust under the sofa was not much of a big deal actually, except that the dunno how many months old dust has been sitting beside us and Baby1 in the living room for dunno how many months already.  I should really be grateful that Dear1 has been such a dear in helping to do the household chores all this while.  Thank you Dear1.  But no more of sweeping the dust under the sofa ok?  Or if you really did that, then please let me know so that I can prepare to mop up the dirt instead of being caught by surprise by the black mess, haha.

4) Holding hands

A recent article in 1 of the magazine did a  1 week test of a couple holding hands.  In short, for all couples, fresh or old out there, please hold your partner’s hand as often as you can.  And for Dear1 and Dear2, it’s more hugs and kisses and touches too.

– Dear2


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