Everything Pigeon

Oh dear, Dear1 and Dear2 have unknowingly become Pigeon’s fan.

Our entire collection of Pigeon products!

Avent, Medela, Ameda, Tollyjoy, Tommee Tippee, Pureen, NUK, Dr Brown, Kodomo, Pigeon, these are common names that any parents will come across when shopping for baby products.  And like any brand, every individual will have their personal preference towards certain brands.  For Dear1 and Dear2, it seems to be Pigeon.

Over the past few months, we have stock up quite a few Pigeon items, with the latest and biggest (by number of items) damage from the recent 20% discount at Metro.

Pigeon Sterilizer – At $95 that time when we bought it, it was a steal until Metro started offering $99 which includes a Step 1 weaning set as well :(

Pigeon Wet Wipes – By far the most user-friendly wet wipes that we’ve used, with it’s one hand system (trust me, a wet wipe that can come out easily really is a life saver when you are changing the diaper of a screaming infant).  The free wet wipe box that came together with the $9.50 for 3 packs which we bought sometime back, opens up very beautifully too, making one wanting to keep pressing the lid open, haha…

Pigeon Pacifier – Dear1 and Dear2 introduced the Step 1 pacificer to Baby1 only recently, and it seems that she’s not too keen on it.  Nonetheless, we went ahead to get Step 2 and 3 as well, :p, as the different shapes at different stage apparently caters to different parts of baby’s growing months as well.  Hmm, interesting….

Pigeon Nasal Tweezer and Nasal Pump – These were the only 2 items NOT purchased at a discount (apart from the consumeables cos any discount usually dun apply to them…) cos that time Dear1 was so worried about the congestion in Baby1’s nose and we frantically purchased these with the hope of helping Baby1 remove her nosedirt.   

Pigeon Toothbrush – Haha, Dear1 and Dear2 got the Step 1, 2, 3 training toothbrush for Baby1 already.  A tat too early, but since she’s going to need it anyway, might as well just get it first since there’s offer. Wahahaha…

Pigeon Mag Mag – How cute!!  Even the mag mag comes in Step 1 to 3.  Dear2 was so excited that she almost got all the 3 mugs, meaning mugs x3.  Luckily the rational brain functions at the last minute to realise that actually the cup itself can be used throughout, so just only need to get the different spouts.

The brightly colored (and cute) Weaning Bowl, Dish and Plate that we decided not to get. :(

Pigeon Weaning Set –  Finally, the most ‘insane’ thing that Dear1 and Dear2 almost bought: the Step 1 and Step 2 weaning set.  Excitedly, Dear1 and Dear2 compared the price of the package to that of the individual items and concluded that buying the individual items was slightly cheaper.  Happily, we proceeded to the counter for payment, but at the last instance, Dear1 asked, “Why do we need the weaning bowl?”  At $10+ and $20+ for just a brightly colored (and cute) bowl, dish and plate, these plastics seemed a bit expensive.  Bowls are just bowls and I’m sure we can get $2 bowls plastic bowls too, no need expensive ones lah.  And so, we dropped the bowls and just got the Step1 and Step 2 weaning spoon and cutlery.  :)

Unknowingly, Dear1 and Dear2 have become Pigeon’s fans.  Let’s see, how many Pigeon products have we bought so far?  Keke…

– Dear2


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