Our NOT Lamp

Some months ago, Dear1 and Dear2 went shopping at IKEA after Dear2’s regular gynae visit. Yes, that was during her pregnancy time.

We went there for a few reasons. First, we wanted to use of IKEA friends card to enjoy the discounted Swedish meatballs for lunch. Second, we wanted to buy some new lighting for our house. We had decided to rearrange our master bedroom so that we can place the baby cot together in our room. The rearrangement resulted in a small dead-space between our bed and the window. So we decided that we can get a tall standing lamp to fill in that space. It can both act as a decorative item and provide some indirect light that we can use when feeding baby late at night. And the last reason we’re visiting IKEA is becos of the free parking for IKEA friends if we spend some minimum amount there, which we will be since we’re buying the lamp.

After our hearty Swedish meatballs lunch, we shopped around looking for the ‘perfect’ lamp. We chance upon this decent looking, tall and slim standing lamp. The lamp shade is in the shape of a bowl which meant that the light will be shone upwards and bounced off the ceiling for the soft indirect lighting feel. Great, this is exactly what we wanted. Now, how much is it? $19!?! OMG, just $19. That’s really really cheap for a roughly 1.8metre tall standing lamp. Looking around the display area, other standing lamps are selling for at least $39 and sometimes going up to $159. And this one is just $19! We decided on this one without much second thought. The lamp we bought was the NOT Lamp.

The NOT lamp came in this small compact package that makes it easy to transport. Assembling was also a breeze, the instruction booklet was not needed at all.

Once home, we quickly set up the lamp in its intended position. It was perfect. The base footprint was very small, just around 30cm in diameter. We positioned the lamp such that part of the base was under the bed and part of it was under the air con ledge space. In effect, the lamp squeezed into a nice little corner flanked by our bed and the window.

We coupled the lamp with a low wattage yellow light energy saving bulb. It worked wonderfully. The indirect light bounced off the ceiling and cast a nice warm feel in the room without being too harsh. Our Grono lamp was also in the bed room. However, the Grono lamp was not as effective in dispersing the light, coupled with it’s low stature on the bed side table, resulted in a much harsher atmosphere which was not very pleasant late at night. Since then, the NOT lamp has officially taken over as our choice of late night lighting.

While we were at IKEA, we bought another small Knubbig table lamp @ $12 for our study room. It was also for the purpose of night feeding. We wanted to make sure that we have some form of soft lighting in every room so that we have the flexibility to feed baby anywhere in the house during the night. Of course, these soft lightings can also be useful to add a romantic touch to our nights of passion. Keke… So you see, it’s a multi-purpose lamp, hence high on the value-for-money scale.

So, back to the star of today’s post, the NOT lamp. We think the NOT lamp is a no-frills, minimalist, and decently elegant standing lamp. At a cost of $19, it is definitely a steal. Do consider it if you are looking for a simple standing lamp for the house. It will surely work as well in any room.


p.s. Even the breastfeeding room at level 3 at TMC is using the same NOT lamp, do check it out the next time you are at TMC. :P


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