The Aircon Disaffinity

I’m writing this from the comfort of the air conditioned study room. Dear2 and Baby1 are asleep in the non air conditioned bedroom. So, who’s the one with the aircon disaffinity? It’s Baby1!

The weather these days are so hot. It’s that time of the year again when the hot and humid spell hits and we would be sweaty and sticky the whole day, including the nights. There are some advantages, such as the sun moving over to our side of the kitchen and our laundry dries faster than usual. But the hot weather meant that we bath about 3 times a day and can only get a good night’s sleep in an aircon room. And that’s what we did, three of us all sleeping in our aircon bedroom every night since the hot weather started.

It turns out that several days ago, we noticed a trend that Baby1 sleeps longer in a non-aircon environment compared to an aircon one. In particular, we can hear her heavy and noisy breathing as if her nose was blocked. And she wakes up multiple times each night and gets rather fussy. However, she would calm down when carried outside the room for a walk in the living room or the kitchen. Maybe she didn’t like the aircon? We decided to put that to the test.

The next night, we slept without aircon. It was horrible. Dear2 couldn’t fall asleep as it was so hot that she was sweating. We had three fans in the room (we bought a new standing fan from Courts just for this) and they all circulate hot air over and over. I bathed twice in the middle of the night cos I’m all covered in sweat. Grr… However! Baby1 has a good night. She slept well, breathed softly, and wasn’t fussy. So she didn’t like aircon, I see. But mummy and daddy had a terrible night!

So we devised a plan. Remember we had a sofabed in the study room? Well, we decided to transform it to bed mode. The plan is to turn on the aircon in the study room and off the aircon in the bedroom. Baby1 will sleep in the bedroom since her cot is there. Dear2 and I will take turns sleeping in the aircon study room using the sofabed while the other person sleeps in the bedroom to look after Baby1.

It worked well so far. Baby1 is really enjoying sleeping without aircon. She even slept for 5 hours straight these past 2 days. Dear2 and I are taking turns in the aircon study room. The sofabed is smaller and harder than our king size bed but at least we won’t sweat in the study room. But sleeping in separate rooms is so unromantic.

Some nights, when the weather gets really hot, we would both end up in the study room, leaving poor Baby1 to enjoy her fan circulated bedroom by herself. Other nights, we would all gather in the bedroom if the weather is cool enough. Whenever no one is in the study room at night, the aircon is switched off and we can save on some electric bills. In terms of the number of hours, we’re definitely using lesser aircon than before (having it on the whole night in the bedroom), so that’s a positive note.

We also seldom have our hot milo late night supper anymore these nights. The hot milo will only add fuel to fire to our already hot and sweaty bodies. Sigh… But that will be the plan for the time being. At least we know Baby1 is having a good night’s sleep and that’s all that matters.

It’s late, time to sign off, turn off the aircon, and go to bed with Dear2 and Baby1 in our ‘warm’ bedroom. :)



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