Singapore Motherhood Forum

Singapore Motherhood Forum – you can find everything you need to know regarding motherhood here.  And you can buy almost everything here as well.

How I love the Singapore Motherhood Forum.  During pregnancy days, Dear2 will spend sleepy afternoons browsing through the long lists of threads to equip with pregnancy and baby know hows.  From looking at reviews of gynae, to how to cut baby nails, all those previous posts posted from all over Singapore served as a useful source of information and knowledge.

How I love the Singapore Motherhood Forum.  Excited mtbs create threads once the double line on the pregnancy test kit shows, and start their pregnancy journey detailing the growth of their foetus as well as their cravings for mee siam and what-have-yous for their daily lunches.  Disregarding these bo liao information, ‘Yes, I am having nausea during first trimester’ and ‘Oh, I am having a show, perhaps it’s time to admit to hospital, baby is coming!’ do provide valuable know-hows that all the symptoms that Dear2 was experiencing are actually common pregnancy woes.  Come February when all the Feb MTBs had popped, it was ‘Yes, my baby’s poo is greenish and PD says it’s normal’ and ‘Oh no, so the 9pm to 1am incessant crying is due to colic’ gave us new parents assurance that Baby1 is growing healthily and all her growth milestones are in line with what the other babies born around the same time are experiencing.

How I love the Singapore Motherhood Forum.  The spree and bulk purchase threads offer so many nice and interesting buys, cheaper than retail prices and all at the comfort of sending a few emails and internet fund transfers.  How convenient!!  From maternity wears to baby clothes, from breast pump to breastshields, from swimming tub to second hand MIM sling, and now a pretty Coach bag and a fancy scarf, Dear2 is starting (or has already started!?) to enjoy online shopping, keke……

How I love the Singapore Motherhood Forum.  It relieves me of boredom during those moody days staying at home all day long, and it gave me strength when I was despondent on the low milk supply.  It’s nice to see how others have given others encouragement when they barely know each other.

But, I hate the Singapore Motherhood Forum as well.  There’s toooooo many cute stuff to buy online now, and it’s always ‘stop, think, and discuss with Dear1 first’ before commiting to any buys.  The lure is too big, the addiction too strong for the Dear2-who-hardly-step-out-of-house-becos-of-Baby1.  Urgh…..

And beware!!  人云亦云.  A few people may share some common practices, then ‘teach’ this to those who dunno, and very soon, the whole village starts to adopt the same practice.  See the pitfall?  Beware of falling prey to what others are doing/buying  just becos a few people are doing/ buying it.  Always ask yourself, ‘Is this what you want?’ rather then simply adopting it just becos the others are doing it.

I love the Singapore Motherhood Forum.  It is indeed a useful resource for all parents, and a rewarding marketplace for mummies *wink wink*.  I’m gonna Favourites my favourite pages.  :)

– Dear2


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