McLunch Weekends

Since MacDonalds extended their McLunch promotion to every day of the week, Dear1 and Dear2 is having McLunch for lunch nearly every single weekend. Haha…

We’re getting kinda bored with the food at our market downstairs. There is the usual variety of local delights such as chicken rice, roast pork rice, wanton mee, hor fun, hokkien mee, youmian, etc.  But after eating more or less the same things for the past few years, Dear2 is getting really really bored with the food. That’s the main reason why we’re eating McLunch every weekend.

Without the discounted McLunch, meals at MacDonalds are really too expensive. With McLunch, it’s $4.50 for a simple Fillet-o-Fish meal or McWings meal; or $5 for a McSpicy or Big Mac. Each meal comes with a burger (main course), fries (side snack), and a drink.

Consider if we were to eat out at the coffee shop, a plate of wanton mee would cost $2.50, a snack of some nyonya kueh would cost around $0.70, and a drink would cost around $1, that’s about $4.20 in total. I know it’s not a fair comparison but you get the idea.

Dear1’s favourite meal is the McSpicy becos it has a big chunky piece of chicken and makes for the most filling meal. But Dear2 thinks that Dear1 is boring becos Dear1 also eats the some meal over and over again. So recently, Dear1 decided to alternate between the McSpicy and Fillet-o-Fish.

Dear2’s favourite meal at the moment is the McWings. But it’s not very worthwhile getting the McWings becos Dear1 will sometimes ask for a piece of the McWing and Dear2 will be left with only 3 pieces. Gee… Occasionally, Dear2 will also order the McSpicy meal for the extra meatiness.

However, we do note that McLunch isn’t very healthy. First, there’s the high salt content in the fries. Second, we like our fries with curry sauce, so that’s another source of artificial food flavouring/colouring/etc. Third, there’s next to zero fibre in such a diet except for the very few pieces of lettuce in the McSpicy.

Despite it, we still enjoy munching down our McLunch meals becos they’re selling at such a great discounted price. We refuse to eat there otherwise. McLunch is the only way we’ll ever eat at MacDonalds.

Let’s see when we’ll start to grow bored of it and start going back to our local delights.



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