The Breastfeeding Journey thus Far

Week 1
It’s so amazing.  I never think that my breasts can produce milk, but they really did.  Baby1’s small little mouth instinctively makes suckling motion and mummy’s breasts really do produce the milk for her.  But alas, the colostrum was slow to come and by the end of the first week, Baby1 had lost closed to 20% of her birth weight.  Nevermind, there’s still way to go…

Week 2.5
So tough.  It’s really so tough.  Apart from the confinement woes, hot weather, naggings of the old folks, not enough milk, is baby drinking enough milk? etc etc etc, the ultimate difficulty that mummy was so stricken with worry of whether is she producing enough PLUS sore nipples that prevented mummy from carrying baby made Dear2 almost lose the determination to breast feed Baby1.  It was only the single mindedness to give Baby1 whatever that I have that made me carry on…

Week 5
Yeah, it was the first time that Baby1 didn’t need a formula milk top up for the whole day.  Nevermind that sometimes she cries out in hunger even after latching cos mummy was not producing enough and only a 30ml FM top up can make her full.  I’d console myself that since baby can have the natural antibodies from mummy’s breast milk, as well as the enriched nutrients in FM, so FM then FM bah….

Week 7
Pray, pray that Baby1 doesn’t fuss before daddy comes home from work in the evening, otherwise how is mummy going to bottle feed baby with FM?  Once, mummy supplemented a FM feed after latching cos Baby1 was still hungry, but she was visibly confused!!  Mummy is supposed to be lap, lap, lap, but here’s mummy with a bottle.  Lap, lap, lap the bottle.  Poor Baby1.  From that day on, mummy only prayed that baby gets full enough during the day, and endure until daddy comes home to feed her FM….

Week 9
Baby seems to be able to be satisfied on mummy now, the only FM supplement being the feed just before bedtime so that she can sleep through the night.  The second 900g tin of Enfalac seems to be going really slow now, so slow that it’s going to expire it’s 1 month after opening.  Mummy’s increased TBF days also means that baby is not drinking FM.  Oh dear, should we drink more FM and not waste that $41.80…?

Week 11
Alamak, there’s only 4 more weeks till the end of maternity leave, mummy needs to start storing EBM for baby!!  Pump after latch and it was 10, 20ml only.  Neverming, still better than nothing.  Pump, pump, pump and very soon it was 1 ice cream box full of FEBM.  Hey, Baby1 seems to be drinking lesser frequency now too.  Gone were the days of 11 latches per day, now she drinks about 7 times a day….

Week 14.5
End of maternity leave, mummy is back at work.  It’ll be pump twice in the office while Baby1 drinks EBM at home.  But pumping in office is so leychey – gotto find a suitable secluded room to pump, gotto leave the desk twice a day to pump, gotto wash and assemble the pump parts in the pantry, gotto bear the engorgement and blocked ducts pain if cannot pump at the scheduled intervals….  Baby1 is also sleeping almost through the night, so it was waking up every 3 hours to pump, meaning, mummy gets to sleep only 2 hours in between.  Breast feeding is so tough, should I just stop…?

Week 17.5
Baby1 has just turned 4 months, and mummy is still breast feeding her.  The journey thus far was indeed tough and trying, but mummy shall continue to give her whatever that I have.  Jiayou jiayou mummy!!

– Dear2


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