Shopping Centres’ Nursing Room

When Dear2 had to breastfeed Baby1 in a shopping centre, namely IMM for the first time, we thought that the nursing room in IMM was a god’s send.  The 1-room nursing room situated beside Giant comes with a wooden bench to sit, a changing platform, tap and dustbin, so we fed Baby1 and changed her all in the same room.  But as we went to different shopping centres later on, it was to be realised that the nursing room in IMM paaaaaaaales in comparison…

Causeway Point

Causeway Point is a family friendly shopping centre, with its Metro offering the biggest children section versus other Metros, Kiddy Palace, Courts, and Charles and Keith, John Little etc so that mummy can go shopping after getting the baby essentials.  Most importantly, the nursing room is great!  A big room that comprises of 2 smaller cubicles for nursing, some changing platforms with tap facilities, and the best part, 2 arm chairs inclusive.  These 2 arm chairs were especially helpful when you have a hungry crying baby waiting to use the 2 occupied nursing cubicles.  Drape a cover over and Mummy can start feeding baby at the armchairs first while waiting for the other babies to finish their sucks.  Very good!!

Compass Point

It was to our pleasant surprise that the mall has a nice nursing room which is located beside the food court.  An okay spacious room with 2 nursing cubicles, changing platforms and tap, and even a hot water dispenser, Compass Point scores high marks with its nursing room and wide range of stores including Metro (again, haha), Kiddy Palace (again, hahaha), Seahorse and fashion stores.

Jurong Point

The first time Dear2 had to breastfeed Baby1 in JP, we followed the signs that point Nursing Room in B1, only to see a diaper changing room instead.  Please……..!  Can you understand the word ‘nursing’!?  I can’t nurse in a changing room can I!?  Finally after crossing across the whole shopping centre, finally did we manage to find a nursing room – inside the ladies on level 2.  Gosh, this is a NO ENTRY to daddies so mummy had to 1 hand carry baby, 1 hand carry the barang barangs into the ladies herself…. JP manage to salvage some points when we discovered a proper nursing room at L2 beside the NTUC Xtra.  Coupled with all the right nursing rooms must-haves, at least this is something satisfactory.


We went to Harbourfront for its Mothercare sale one day and was glad to find that its nursing rooms are reasonable.  The only mall which we came across so far using curtains rather than locked doors as the door to the nursing cubicle, this wasn’t really a problem as you won’t expect to find uninvited guests barging into this area.  Both nursing rooms on L2 and L3 only have a single cubicle, with the one on L2 looking like a new addition.  Despite this scarcity, we were comforted that if both cubicles were indeed occupied, Vivocity is just some walk away and we’ve heard that their nursing rooms were recently renovated (to better standards?).

City Square Mall

The new shopping centre in town which boasts to be very family oriented, the mall has 2 nursing rooms.  We used the one on L4 beside the food court, and becos we took the lift on the side door end, it was a squeeze through the narrow food court aisles before finally reaching the nursing room.  Bright and modern looking versus all the others which we had experienced before, and there’s even a mirror inside the cubicle which we spent a brief moment playing with Baby1 and her reflection in the mirror, the room has all the basic nursing room essentials we need.


Back to IMM.  Single cubicle which they call a nursing room.  Located beside Giant with lots of human traffic and where the Giant trolleys were pushed in, it was like a confined room filled with constant chatter and clinker.  There’s even an awful stench of poo smell in the room which makes me wary of even laying my changing mat on the platform to change Baby1.  Being the sole nursing room in the mall, you’d better pray that your baby finishes her suck before another wailing baby comes along.  We decided that we will not go to IMM ever again with Baby1, even when there’s free 3 hours parking.

Nursing rooms.  Like many parents, this has become the primary consideration for us when we want to go out shopping with Baby1.  It’s now always a google first to ensure that the shopping centre that we want to visit has a nursing room, where is it, and confirm that it is a NURSING ROOM, and not a diaper changing room before we set off from home.  For, some places may point nursing room and make you walk across the whole mall before you coming to realise that they think ‘nursing’ means diaper changing.  And when you finally get to a proper nursing room, you’d also keep your fingers crossed that the cubicle is not occupied by some inconsiderate parents who are bottle feeding or spoon feeding their little ones there.  Please!!  You don’t need privacy to do these, so please do not hog the much scarce nursing rooms!!

– Dear2

Encore by Dear1:


The nursing room at Ikea at Alexandra on the first floor is converted from probably a handicap toilet. The room itself is large and spacious, furnished with Ikea fittings such as armchair for breastfeeding, various lightings and fancy mirrors. However, the room retains an overall ‘toilet’ feel and smell. It’s functional but I don’t really like it.


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