Last few days of student life

I haven’t been writing any new posts for the past 2 months becos I’m really really busy with my thesis. And with the submission of my thesis last week, I can say that my life as a full time student has finally come to an end, after 22 long years of being one. That’s 6 yrs of primary school, 4 yrs of secondary school, 2 yrs of junior college, (2.5 yrs of NS), 4 yrs of undergraduate, and 4 yrs of postgraduate.

The past 4 yrs has been really eventful for me. Look at our milestones chart and you will know what I mean. During these 4 yrs, Dear2 and I embarked on the next chapter of our relationship. We bought our house, did the renovation and equippage, moved in, got married, went on our honeymoon, and had our first child. All while I was still technically a student. Financially, we were a little tight. But we survived, somehow.

So, it was with lots of mixed emotions when I did my ‘de-equipping’ last week. I sorted out my admin and submitted my thesis. I canceled my season parking with the school. I cleared up my desk. I backed up my data in my work computer. I packed up my pencil, my thermal flask, my earphones, my Risk dices, my Japanese textbooks, and my webcam. And while doing all these, I realized that I am really leaving school for good. It was indeed my last day at school. And not only that, it was my last day as a full time student.

Do I miss being a student? Probably not at this point of time. After all, I am pretty sick of all those studying, exams, labs, projects, assignments and such. Plus I’ll get to earn more money once I start work. Will I miss being a student? That got me thinking for a while. I probably will.

So it was with a bittersweet huff that I cranked my car engine one last time in that familiar school car park at 7pm in the evening. I drove off to meet Dear2 and pick up Baby1, knowing that I had left my independent and self-managed student life behind.

I’m happy for everything that I had achieved, especially during my postgraduate years. I was able to devote much time and attention towards my personal life such as planning our wedding and building a family. I was able to stay home one morning to fix a leaking pipe. I was able to accompany Dear2 to work almost every day when she was pregnant. I was able to help out during her maternity leave and not worry about arriving late at school and leaving early. I was able to dabao dinner for Dear2 almost every night since she went back to work.

Dear2 and I had managed to achieve many firsts over the past few years. Now, with yet another new chapter ahead of us, let us look forward together and continue creating many more firsts in the years to come.


p.s. Pardon the sloppy language, I’m just writing this as the thoughts streamed through my mind. I think that it’ll better represent how I feel if I don’t make too many editorial corrections.


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