Work Hard, Play Hard, and Appreciate your Blessings

Everyday I dwell on the hardships of work and coping with baby.  Everyday I lament silently about having a hard life.  But instead of groaning and feeling unhappy about it every waking and sleeping moment, why don’t I just work hard, play hard and appreciate my blessings!?

I have a great hubby, one who loves me, dotes on me and who equally loves our baby gal.

I have a lovely baby, she who laughs heartily and fit and fiddily jumps with joy when she is happy.

I have good parents who remain healthy so that they don’t become additional burdens to their children.

I have good colleagues and bosses who shares my workload and we can help each other out.

I am glad that I am healthy and can eat, sleep and shit normally.

Life is great, so why should I keep thinking about the negative things?  Time is precious and instead of worrying and feeling grumpy, shouldn’t I smile more often with my darling baby and hubby. Afterall, I already have all the best things in life, that is being healthy, myself and my loved ones as well.

– Dear2


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