Musings from my first real job

Let’s do a brief recap of my working experiences.

My first job was at a food packing factory, it was a temp job which I did before enlisting for NS, it lasted about 1 month (or shorter). My second job was at a paper factory, temp job during 1st year holidays at university, it lasted about 1 month. My third job was an internship, during 2nd year holidays at uni, lasted about 3 months. My fourth job was another internship, during 3rd year at uni, lasted slightly more than 2 months. That’s it.

So you see, I hadn’t had any *real* job experiences. For the temp jobs, the working duration was really short and nobody really bothered to interact with me, so there was no so-called workplace dynamics to talk about. First intern was fun as I got to know everyone quite well and even spoke to many of them regarding marriage, family planning, buying HDB, etc becos we knew we want to ROM once I completed uni. But it’s not exactly real work cos the people there treated me like a student, no meetings and such. Second intern was somewhat forgetable as the people there didn’t really want to build relationships with colleagues, probably becos everyone had different backgrounds (i.e. India, China, Philippines, Malaysia, etc).

I started work without a break from my studies, as in, I started work the immediate Monday after I submitted my thesis. Can’t really afford to be unemployed for long since we have a family now. I secured this job some time back in May with the starting date pending my thesis submission. There was about a 2 weeks period between the end of my stipend at university and the start of my job that I wasn’t receiving any pay. All I can say is that I felt very insecure during those 2 weeks eventhough I knew I already have a job. It all the more reinforces in me the importance of having a stable income.

So here I am at my first real job after my long education life. Let’s muse.

I have to wake up on time every morning, no more flexible ‘working hours’ like in university. I have to wear long sleeve shirts and pants. Working pants are kinda itchy and uncomfortable. I have to wear a belt now, and leather shoes.

What am I going to do with all my white socks that I used to wear to school?! I bought 12 pairs for black socks just for work! Driving with leather shoes is very uncomfortable, I shall just leave the leather shoes in the car and leave home in sports shoes everyday. Season parking at work is really expensive, $90 per month, basement carpark.

I can’t take leave as and when I like anymore. I used to have “unlimited” leaves and I can go on a date with Dear2 on a weekday once every week. Now still under probation, I probably shouldn’t be taking leave just yet. Oh, I have Childcare Leave now. :D I have never asked doctor for MC before becos I never need to, but I should start doing so from now on.

I get caught in the rush hour every morning and every evening. Luckily, my work place isn’t that far away. I still drop Dear2 off at the MRT every morning and pick her up every evening.

I have my own high walled cubicle (temporary space until someone resigns). I have my own desk, and arm chair, with arm rests, and a personal dustbin too but no cupboards since it’s just a temporary space. I have a window seat! Hehe… I have a company issued laptop. Oh, I have a high tech phone and my own extension number. The LAN point attaches to the telephone! Cool.

I have a cubicle name tag. I have a box of namecards. I can get free stationeries from the admin staff. I have a security photo pass which I must always wear. I need to repeatedly introduce myself and make new friends. I need to go for company orientation.

I have dental benefits!

There’s a pantry. There’re free drinks in the pantry! Milo, Nescafe, etc. There’s a sofisticated looking coffee maker which I don’t know how to use. There’s a fridge. There’s a microwave. But there’s no free food in the pantry.

There’s a paper towel dispenser in the toilet! Oh, how I so much prefer the paper towel to the hot air blower. The toilet is clean and dry most of the times (unlike in school).

Food is really expensive now. $3.50 for a meal is the norm (used to be $1.60 in school). The lunch crowd is made up of ‘working’ people now, not students.

I see the department head nearly everyday becos his office is between the main entrance and my cubicle. I have meetings that go nowhere every so often. Lots more hard deadlines than in school. Boss is constantly breathing down my neck for results.

I can’t really watch Youtube anymore, Facebook is also pretty much out of the picture, luckily MSN is still fine. There are lots of emails flying around everyday. Lots of admin procedures to adhere to.

Nonetheless, I still managed to write this post from work. Come’on, it’s a Monday morning! :P


(p.s. I think I may sound like a mountain-tortoise in this post, but hey, it’s really my first real job. :P)


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