Giant (IMM) 16% Discount

One day, Dear1 and Dear2 were grocery shopping at Giant @ IMM.  Upon checking out at the counter, the salesgirl told us that there’s a $8 discount voucher given for every $50 spent.  We topped up the purchase with 1 tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (UP $13.80 i think, already $4 more than the offer price last time, but I’ll get back a $8 voucher, so though it’s $4 more, but I still get back $4, well worth it!!).  Redeem the voucher at the Customer Service Counter, and we went home feeling very happy.  Spend exactly $50 and get a $8 voucher, that’s 16% discount leh!  Not even the 10% storewide at Carrefour sometimes can beat this, and if you pay by Citibank credit card, you still get that 5% rebate, hoo haa!!

We decided to maximise this benefit the next time round.  Spend $58, use that $8 discount voucher, balance $50, and bingo, you get back another $8 discount voucher.  We did that once and it was okay!!

Dear1 and Dear2 now has 2 $8 discount voucher, we are wondering if we can use 2 vouchers with just $50 spending.  If it is viable, then it’ll be buy $66 worth of grocery, net off 2 x $8 vouchers, balance $50 to pay and you get another $8 voucher.  We doubt that is possible as usually you can only use one $8 voucher for every $50 spent.  Who knows, maybe Giant is nice enough to use this technique to lure more customers to their already very popular supermarket.

– Dear2

PS: It seems that the promotion is only valid at Giant IMM, and is valid until 31 Oct.  So hurry down while stocks last!!  (but if possible, try not to go on a weekend lah; shopping centres, and especially supermarkets are always CROWDED during weekends.  Unless you don’t mind their super long Qs, which, cannot understand why, are usually long on weekdays anyways…


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