Baby bowl and LEGO

A few weeks back, Dear1, Dear2 and Baby1 went to Sengkang to run some errands and ended up shopping at Metro because there’s 20% discount storewide.

Our loot from Metro – Munchkin suction bowls, Pigeon baby wipes, and LEGO (choking hazard, ages 5 & up).

We immediate hit the baby section to see what baby equipment we can pick up at a discount. We finally decided to buy a set of Munchkin bowls that featured a suction cup on the bottom side. The purpose was to firmly stick the bowl on the table so that Baby1 can practise self feeding without toppling the bowl over. We got it at about $16 after discount, what a great buy!

Next, we came across the Pigeon baby wipes. We were running out of baby wipes so it was a good time to buy some. The problem was, these wet wipes are almost never on discount. We remember seeing only once that they were selling at $9 per pack of 3 (U.P. $10.50) at Baby Kingdom. So anyway, the pack of 6 sells for $19.50 (it is the usual price) at Metro, storewide discount not applicable.

Hmm… Let’s put on our thinking caps and try to solve this problem.

There is in fact a way to buy the pack of wet wipes at a cheaper price. That is, purchase Metro vouchers at the customer office counter to earn Linkpoints, and pay using Manhattan card. You see, that’s 6% rebate worth of Linkpoints and a minimum of 0.5% cashback (we usually fall into tier 2 which is 1%) from Manhattan card. It’s not a lot but every little bit counts.

Oh, here comes the main story.

We were walking around and Dear1 decided to check out the toys section. LEGO are eligible for 20% off, yeah! But most of them are quite expensive (Dear1’s subjective opinion) even after the discount. As Dear1 was browsing through the mountains of LEGO on display, a good deal was spotted!

It’s a blue tag so it is eligible for 20% off storewide.

This fireman car is selling for $7.50 before discount. After 20% off, 6% rebate, and 1% cashback, it’s only $5.58. Not bad, considering that we get 1 LEGO fireman armed with an axe and fire extinguisher, and a fireman car with 4 large wheels to ensure smooth driving, and easily 20~30 pieces to assemble. And the fireman goes well alongside our LEGO policeman on the shelf becos they’re all from the public service. Ok, let’s buy it! :D

See, so many pieces for just $5.58!

The finished product. Tada.

And so, as Dear2 put it, that’s how a shopping trip for Baby1 turned into a shopping trip for Dear1. Gee…

Thank you Dear2 for letting me buy a little LEGO toy, I promise I’ll share it with Baby1 when she turns 5. :D



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