D@mn it, why is it that we are always not satisfied, always not happy with what we have or what we are doing?

There’s always so much imperfection, and so much to complain about:

  • Your job
  • Your company
  • Your colleagues
  • Your boss
  • Your mother in law
  • Your father in law
  • Your husband
  • Your own parents
  • Your baby
  • Your house
  • Your car
  • Your maid
  • The childcare center
  • The Government
  • The Town Council
  • The HDB/ CPF/ MAS/ DBS/ OCBC/ Citibank
  • etc etc etc

How to complain less, see more good and be more positive?

Reading through forums and chat rooms and friends’ Facebook/ MSN status, you tend to see people having complaints of this and that, all at varying degrees.  So it makes you wonder, is the world really getting more insufferable, or is it just that we have higher expectations now?

Recounting my childhood, dad was a quiet man who works studiously at work all day long, and mum who did have her complaints about stuff, but not to the extent of complaining about EVERYTHING.  Have we gotten too used to perfectionism that we want everything to suit our way now?

I guess it’s a matter of whether you see the glass as half full or half empty.

I am tired of the constant disappointment from the lack of these:

  • More clothes and more clothes and more clothes for Baby1
  • Less work and more manageable work and less demanding boss and a good natured colleague
  • Parents in law who understand what we say.  The first time round…
  • Parents who understand what we want
  • Irritating road users
  • Unpredictable global financial crisis
  • etc etc etc

It’s a sad world, and we are all in shitty environment.  But even if you cannot control your environment, you can control how you feel towards them.  Imagine being presented with only dung and yet you can still devour it.  Divine!

For now, I need to see more good, and stay away from all the negative influences.  Cheers!

– Dear2


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