Fidgets @ Turf City

Dear1 and Dear2 brought Baby1 to Fidgets at Turf city during the Deepavali long weekend.  Knowing that the whole of Singapore loves to go out during such long weekends, we made it a point to reach there in the morning.  Minus all the packing and getting ready, we finally stepped into Fidgets at 11+am.  Oh my, it was already so crowded at this time even though the place opens at 9am.  Let’s recount the experience at Fidgets.

Firstly, Dear1 and Dear2 had not driven to Turf city before, hence the parking/ road signs to the carpark was confusing.  It was free parking at the HUGE carpark, and we decided to park in front of the sign that seems to suggest the entrance.  Took out the stroller, climb some steps and we decided that Turf City might not be a stroller friendly place at all, and in goes back the stroller into the car boot.  That was a wise choice indeed, we found out later.

After entering the “Entrance” it was a long corridor left and right.  Gotto make a good guess which side is the lift that will take us to Level 4 where Fidgets is.  Managed to locate an isolated, old  lift right next to Giant on the left, and up we went.  To cut the long tedious story of walking up and down/ searching/ passing many shops that were deserted/ climbing an escalator that was out of order, we finally reached Fidgets which was in a state of chaos even at 11+am.

Took off our shoes, wore socks for Baby1, registration, given a card, and finally we entered.  The place was bustling with activity – there were 2 ongoing parties, and numerous kids running about. We thought of settling our stuff in the 100 seater café, but no chance was it was already  fully chopped by families who arrived early.  We lugged our bags and settled down in 1 of the 2 areas which are meant for infants.  Baby1 sat stoned for a while while other babies crawled and climbed nearby.  We had to keep nudging her to climb the little structure so that this trip is not wasted.  Talked to a Caucasian Granny whose 8 month old grandchild has 6 teeth, took some pictures of Baby1, and we decided time to head off.  We picked Baby1 up and went to explore the rest of the place.

The first corner which was supposedly for infants looked very dangerous for Baby1 as there were older kids running up and down.  The other side of the area has a huge playground where kids and adults would surely love.  It’s really a nice place for parents who want to burn off the extra energy in your kids, so Dear2 is looking forward when Baby1 is big enough to come play in this.

We left Fidgets barely half an hour after we stepped in, and there were lots more families coming in at this time.

The cost?  0, as it was free entry for adults, and free for infants under 2 (not too sure if it is 1 or 2, cos Dear2 seems to read somewhere that its chargeable for 1 year and above).

The enjoyable?  Negligible, as it was way too crowded and noisy for enjoyment.

The hassle factor?  Extreme, though it might improve on our next visit as we become more familiar with Fidgets and Turf City.  Apparently, you should park further in at the entrance to Giant.  The lift there takes you right to the correct lift to Fidgets so that you dun have to plough through the confusing City.

Let’s hope our next visit is more pleasant then.

– Dear2


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