All I want for Christmas is a Coach Baby Bag

All I want for Christmas is a Coach Baby Bag,  How material have I become!!

Girls can never have enough bags.  You need an everyday work bag.  Or maybe 1 more for variety to match your clothes.  Or maybe another one for added variety.  In fact, you need many many everyday work bags so as to keep up with the times.  Luckily for Dear2, I was never one to keep up with fashion anyway, and I was too lazy to keep taking out all the stuff from this bag into the other one.  Most importantly, I was too stingy to own multiple everyday bags.

You need a few outdoor bags.  Maybe some backpacks – large and small for different purposes.  And a few sling bags for different occasions.  And a few hand carry bags to suit the event. Luckily for Dear2 again, I was never really into branded last time, so there was just 1 tiny Esprit backpack for me, and a Fila small one for sports purposes.  And the Karimor large backpack that we used for travels.  And 1 more Fila hand carry one for the sporty me when Dear1 and Dear2 went dating last time in our youth.  Plus a couple of slings and shoulder bags bought as souvenirs from Vietnam.  Plus a couple more other cheapo ones that din manage to survive the test of time.  Etc etc etc.

Alas.  After Dear2 started to have earning power, I start to look at what bags do other people carry.  Even a girls’ Saturday out and everyone is sporting an LV, Chanel, or minimum Coach.  And this is just an all girls outing, who to look at your bag!?  And it’s Gucci amd LV and Chanel and Coach again at work – bags, wallets, wristlets, even a handphone strap….. -_-

Dear2 had a Bonia bag for 2 years.  “$200+ and it’s still good as new”, says Dear1.  “Branded bags are really durable”, says Dear2, and I started to look at BPs for Coach bags….  Barely a year down and the small Coach swing bag at $200+ has proven to be too small to be functional, Dear2 starts to eye a Coach Diaper Bag, aka Baby Bag.

All I want for Christmas is a Coach Baby Bag.  Hang on, dun impulse buy. Let’s think through real carefully if we really need this item.

I want a Coach Baby Bag…..

– :p  Dear2


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