Me, Myself and I

How many of you actively update your Facebook, adding what you feel about the morning rush crowd, the stench in the air, your grumbles about that someone you dislike; the nice chicken chop that you are eating now, the unique restaurant where you and your friends are at currently, the gathering that you went with your other friends last week; the photos you took while in Japan/ Hong Kong/ Bangkok/ Taiwan/ Vietnam/ etc/ etc/ etc; the photos of company dinner, the photos of a new branded bag purchase,and  even your Primary School class photo?

Why do we do that?  Is Facebook your personal diary such that you want to detail all these experiences for your own reference to next time?  Or did you merely want to show other people, your friends, all the things and thoughts that is happening to you right now?  I would tend to think that it is the latter.

Aren’t we self centered!!  We update our Facebook status ever so frequently, and upload what-have-nots kind of photos on the go, and when our friend leave a comment/ tag/ like on these, we feel happy because someone is ‘listening’ to you.  Oh, it means that I have friends!

So hence, I continue to update my status and photos with ‘d@mn the traffic jam that I am in right now’ and ‘oh, this show screening on Channel 8 now is interesting’ for my friends, hoping that they are forever logged on to Facebook to see my latest update.

So much for Me.

Yet, there’s another group of people who, because of all these constant updates by their friends, begin to feel lack.  I have not been to Nex (that new shopping mall at Serangoon) yet.  Wah, that food looks nice, but I’ve never ate that before.  Oh… His holiday looks so fun, I wish….

Stop!  Don’t compare.

Facebook is so sad.  It has become an outlet for people to vocalise Myself, and for others, create much un-necessary envy because I don’t have that.

However said, it will continue to be an avenue where Myself continue to post about Me, and see what I am missing out…

– Dear2


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