My Beloved Beco

Beco, Manduca, Ergo, BabyBjorn, Pikkolo, Sleepywrap, MIM sling, Pupsilk pouch – these are the popular baby carrier/ slings commonly found in Singapore.  Ok, maybe not so for the Beco because when we got it last year, the shopkeeper told us that the supplier had not been bringing in more Beco into Singapore for a while already.

Sample picture taken from Beco’s website.

I love my Beco!

We bought the Beco Butterfly Panther from this shop in Novena Square 2 during its last piece clearance.  $199 down from UP $249 so it was a 20% savings, woohoo!  Someone told me that a baby carrier is a good investment and I can’t agree more (Dear1 too!).

I’ll Beco Baby1 to the market on weekends morning, and Beco her out shopping in those shopping malls that are crowded or when lifts are not so common.  Believe me, every flight of stairs, and even just a step, is a chore when you are strolling a 8+kg baby.  And not to mention shopping malls – the stroller being a bulky item tends to occupy much space in supermarket aisles as well as corridors when you have the usual whole-Singapore out shopping on weekends and public holidays.

The Beco, like most good baby carriers, distributes the baby’s weight to the carrier’s hips so that your shoulders feel less of the weight.  Surprisingly, your shoulders really do not feel much of the strain even after a day’s out. Dear1 and Dear2 tried the Manduca at the Novena shop and we both dislike its shoulder straps.  Though more padded, it just didn’t feel comfortable for us.

Everything about the Beco is good, haha, but I’ll just mention this one unique feature of the Beco.  You can transfer baby from one wearer to the other without taking the baby out, because the baby sits in an enclosed wrap. Very useful feature for us as we transfer between wearers when Dear2 visits the washroom during our shopping trips.

I’ll strongly recommend the Beco, but minus some disadvantages – the Manduca has other better features like being able to carry the baby on one side with its detachable straps, as well as being able to extend the main body when the baby gets bigger.  But, we still love the Beco nonetheless!

A brief run down on the other slings:

The sleepywrap looks very stylo – I mean, really stylo when mummy goes out shopping but you can’t tell that she’s actually carrying a baby wrapped inside her!  Be mindful of the tedious process of wrapping baby up though, plus because of its many layers of cloth, u literally can only use it during shopping trips (in air-conditioned places).

I never got the hang of the MIM sling when Baby1 was smaller (and lighter), and now that she’s much bigger and heavier, this piece of cloth will remain in the bag for Baby2.  Luckily I had the foresight to buy a second hand one at $30, compared to its UP of at least $49.

The Pupsilk pouch was highly acclaimed, but again luckily I was too stingy to buy one.  With baby’s weight solely on one shoulder (and your protruded hips maybe), I foresee that at 12 months, Baby1 is probably too big and heavy for this already.  Again, you are better off getting a second hand for this, but make sure you get the correct size as it depends on the carrier’s body build.

I love the Beco. We’ve brought Baby1 on the cruise with this, and to Taiwan and Hong Kong with this. Though it may be used up to age 4, but I guess when Baby1 learns to walk and run on her own, she’ll probably not want to remain in the Beco anymore (read, meaning to say, all the baby carriers/ slings will probably last you about 6 months, so………….. don’t spend a bomb on this!  I know of a mummy who has 2 Manducas + 1 MIM sling + 1 Pupsilk sling + 1 Fisher Price one, for for her 1 little one!).

– Dear2


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