I Love Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year was over just like that.  Weeks of spring cleaning and decorating your house, weeks of anticipation for the festive season, 2 weeks of festive mood, 4 days of new year visiting (this year the CNY starting on a Thursday so there’s Sat and Sun of new year visiting too!), and it’s back to looking forward for next year’s CNY now..

I love Chinese New Year.  It’s a once a  year thing where we visit my maternal Aunt’s place on first day, and paternal relatives place on Day 2.  Every year, you see the same uncles and aunt and cousins (and now with their extended families of spouses and kids), who will wish you the same CNY greetings and ask you the same study/ work/ BF/ GF questions (where applicable).   Every year, we’ll eat the same dishes during lunch and dinner, and we’ll play the same Black Jack or mahjung in the afternoon.

But I love Chinese New Year nonetheless.  Over the years, we’ve lost our Grandma and Big Aunt, so I’ll treasure the remaining Uncles and Aunts and my parents during CNY even more.  I’m glad that I’m still able to have them with us during the festive season, so I treasure greeting them again despite doing the same for 30 years already.

I love Chinese New Year for the same food that we eat every year.  There’ll be a soup, and steam fish, and roast duck, and stewed mushrooms, and vegetarian dish and stir fried prawns and fried vegetables and roast meat – exactly the same dishes that Granny cooked every time during big festive days.   Even with Granny gone now, my mum and Aunts still cook the same dishes during CNY.   It’s the same taste, the same nostalgia feel….

I love Chinese New Year, though the afternoons are usually boring – watch TV, eat new year goodies, or play Black Jack.  When we were kids, we’d gamble hoping to win big bucks to top up our pocket money.  As adults now, gambling with the cousins is more of savouring those times that we had together as kids.  Win or lose doesn’t matter now – it’s more for fun now.

I love Chinese New Year.  It’s a time when you feel gratified that you are still able to celebrate this season together with your cherished relatives.

– Dear2


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