The Clock is Ticking away at 30

At 30, it seems that everyone is rushing to do the things that we want.

Dear1 and Dear2 have just turned 30 this January.  Same for all our friends born in the same year, we all suddenly feel that there was a wake up call to us.

Suddenly, Dear2’s single and unattached female friends all seemed eager to get hitched.  They were a bunch of “single is fine, no matters” pretty gals, probably have a bit of expectations as they are all beautiful and social and very much desirable.  But when their good friend, aka me Dear2, turned 30, they all seemed more pro-active in seeking a partner for themselves.  What was it that make these girls hasten their pace at the “3” when it was never a concern last time!?  Hmm….

The same goes for married, with kids folks.  Dear2’s colleague, Mrs C, turned 30 recently too.  Already with 2 kids, Mrs C also suddenly lament “no more fooling around” for her now.  Hmm… I didn’t think that Mrs C was any joker for the past 2 years when she already had kids, but  having just turned 30 and she needs to “tone down” even more.  Again, what’s with the “3”!?

On career wise, Dear2 has been SERIOUSLY considering her career prospects.  Now I’m 30, I can no longer afford to job hop as I like.  If I discover that the next place is also not suitable for me, it’s not going to look very nice on my portfolio, cos it means not knowing what I want at 30.  Again, “30”!!

三十而立.  One is supposed to establish our knowledge and learning, our life philosophy, world views, sense of worth and personality at 30, but for many of us, this maturity has not come to us yet.  Hence, when we blow our 3 BIG candles (ok, for many of us, we don’t even want to bring out the candles), it feels like an ultimate wake up call to us.  Urgh!!!  I’m already 30, what have I done so far, and what am I supposed to do ahead!!

– Dear2

PS: Urgh, Dear2 is still very much clueless as of now, but 1 thing for sure – RELAX!! No point stressing yourself out.  Sometimes, when you try to rush things, things will get worse instead.  So… relax, plan ahead, and execute…



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