Toys, Toys, Toys

Baby1’s friend, Baby B has lots of toys.  She has toys in the living room, she has toys in the bedroom.  She has toys in the playing room, she has toys in the car.  Seeing how many toys that Baby B has (and many more unopened ones in the storeroom), Dear2 feels sad for Baby1.

But hey, what about that pop up toy that Grand Auntie gave Baby1 as a 1 year old birthday present?  That’s a new toy.  But Baby1 doesn’t like that toy cos it’s more suitable for 9 months old.  And what about that Fisher Price Walker that will supposedly play music when baby pushes it along when learning to walk? Ermm.. But this walker is so slippery, how is a baby supposed to learn walking with she’s likely to fall at the slightest push?

Toys. There’s a myriad of modern toys nowadays, mostly with very specific functions.  Like this “suitable for 9 month olds” toy which is supposed to engage the baby in pressing that specific button to pop the doll out, or that walker that is supposed to teach walking.  And then you have this toy to teach this skill, and that toy to teach that skill, and etc etc etc.  Very soon, your house is just filled with toys!

Alas, like a lot of the other baby things (which as first time parents, we come to realise much later), toys are very quickly outgrown as well.  A suitable for 9 month olds toy is not interesting to our 12 month old already.  It’s effective shelf life is barely 3 months, so it’s $39.90/3 = $13+ per month, plus other toy + other toy + other toys.  Add everything up including the baby essentials, and you have a high maintenance kid. No wonder they say having a kid is expensive in Singapore.  :(

But Baby1 has other non-toy toys as well.  She likes to fiddle with an empty bottle and its cap – she’s just so fascinated by the turning of the cap screw!  And give her 2 teaspoons or soup spoons from your kitchen drawer, and she’ll hold onto them everywhere she goes, even ignoring the brightly colored Fisher Price. And not to forget that TV remote controller and that Alarm Clock on the nightstand – she loves pressing the buttons.  Of course, these electronic items are not ideal as toys, but hey, babies love them nonetheless!

Toys.  Makes me wonder what is the purpose of a toy, I mean for babies.  I supposed they are meant to teach some skills while playing.  There are kitchen set toys, there are musical instruments toys.  There are drawing toys, there are building blocks toys.  If that is the case, why not be creative and create the masak using household everyday items?  There are of course toys that cannot be replaced from things around the house, but by scavenging your house for things for your little ones to play, this trains the parents’ creativity as well!

Toys.  Call me stingy, call me giam siap, but I really don’t see the value in that $200+ Learning Home toy when you can learn from much more from your real home, or that $150 exersaucer (I know of countless ones being stowed away after the baby outgrew it in a couple of months.  Right, it can be used again for #2, 3 or 4 when the time comes.  *roll eye*).

I’ll shower my girl with all my attention when I play with her, and I’ll give her all my love when I am with her.

– Dear2


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