A Date with Dear1

It has been a long long time since Dear1 and Dear2 went on a date.  A date, in the context for couples with a newborn, means being able to have a day off without baby in tow. As simple as that, but how difficult to achieve!   This day, we finally manage to find an opportunity by taking a day’s leave from work because Dear1 had to go to CMPB to settle some stuff.  Shun bian….

It was a Monday.  After Dear1 settled his appointment, he fetched me from home and we head off  for K Box at Safra Jurong.  When was the last time since we both went singing?  Hmm…  Our last session was since Dear2’s preggy days, where with Baby1 in the bump, it became awful singing because the lung capacity shrunk.  K Lunch used to be one of our favourite activity, where Dear2 sang to my heart’s content while Dear1 eat (to his heart’s content too).  Hence singing is a must today.

After KTV cum lunch, we had some time until dinner before we go fetch Baby1 from her caregiver.  Oh dear!  We were suddenly idea-less of what to do.  Go shop.  Nah.  This is something that we can do even if we bring Baby1 along.  Go to the park.  Nah.  It was 2pm in the AFTERNOON wor. Go eat sushi buffet.  But we are not like last time anymore, how to eat plates and plates and plates of sushi WITH RICE at 30 year’s old metabolism!?  Go watch a movie.  Sounds like an idea since this is the only time that we can do so without a fidgeting/ fussy baby.  But we may not be able to find a movie that will start NOW, or even so, we might not have enough time to have a leisure dinner (again, another thing that we cannot do with a baby around) before we go hurry to fetch Baby1.  Think think think.  We sat in Safra’s carpark thinking for a long time until Dear1 had a brilliant suggestion: Go home play board game.  Sounds like the perfect plan.  We can play for about 2 hours or so, den at around 5+, set off for some dinner place where we can slowly enjoy the dinner.  Off we went home.

At home. Dear1 and Dear2 played Dear1’s new game, Fresco.  We had already watched the game tutorial on Youtube, but never had the chance to play the game.  Finally!

The game played took slightly longer then expected since it was a first time play, and after that, it was off to IMM for dinner.  Dear2 has been craving for steam boat for the longest time.  Cook at home – very troublesome.  Eat out – how to slowly eat a steamboat buffet when our little one gets fussy usually even before the food is served when we eat out in a restaurant.  So today’s the perfect time to eat, but unfortunately there isn’t any steam boat buffet place in the west region.  It’s ok, I’ll settle for mini hot pot – Japanese style while Dear1 had his favourite curry rice at Ichiban Sushi.  Oyiishiiiiiiiii!!!

We sat eating and chatting in the restaurant ‘slow-mo’ style.  Dear1 even deliberately paused a few times just so that he don’t gobble his food down.  Finally it was end of Dear1 and Dear2’s date and we happily went to fetch Baby1 home.

Dates.  It has been a long time since we got to go on any after Baby1 was born.  She brings us much joy and smiles everyday, but as a couple, we really need to give each other attention once a while too.  We made a pact to take leave once every month to go on dates again, horray!

– Dear2


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