The Bosses Don’t Care

Tell me, how many of you are truly satisfied with your company?  That you agree whole heartedly with what the management does or say, that you do not grumble about your work/ your colleagues/ your office/ your office environment/ your bosses.  I think only the bosses does that.

For the majority of us on payroll, there’s definitely something that we are not pleased with. Your work may be too hectic; or your work may be very boring.  Your colleagues may be bitchy and gossipy; or they may be so scheming to always want to back stab you.  Your bosses may like you so much to overload the capable with tons more work to do; or your bosses may always pick on you on every little thing.  Even your office may be too cluttered, squeezey and messy; or it may be so big that you even find the pantry a little too far and tiring for you.  Whatever it is, we employees always have something to say.

Despite all the grouses, we spend more than 9 hours of our day in the office.  Not that we want to or can help it, but without this salary, no one really wants eat meagre-ly all the time, or not being able to even have the basic necessities to support life.  So, we just have to endure, and find that something which helps us to make life easier in the work place.

You may derive fulfillment out of your job.  You may get companionship from your equally bitchy colleagues.  You may allow yourself to be brain washed by all the mission and vision statements.  You may tell yourself that at least your office is right next to a MRT station.  This at least helps you to get through the work week slightly more easily and you look forward to the weekends every Monday morning.

So, do the bosses know about your grouses?  You bet they do.  But would they make any effort to help you?  Tell me about it, man.  The bosses don’t care.  They can’t care too much anyway, cos every staff in their 1,000 men company has 10,000 requests/ wishes/ complains/ suggestions.  You can cater to 1, but there’s no way that you can cater to all.  Hence, since ancient times, bosses are made to be bo chup.

Hence the poor employee is left to struggle internally and externally, all for that income.

It’s supposed to be a win-win system – employees get the $ and employers get the work done.  But you just wish that for all the good or bad decisions/ initiatives/ directions/ actions, do at least show that you care.  That you have given us a tiny thought before passing down the orders.  We do know that many things can’t be helped, and we will always do what you say irregardless of how unwilling we are, but if you would just demonstrate that you care, we might be more willing to die for you willingly.


– Dear2


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