Toy Animal Zebra

See how enthusiastic Cow & Giraffe are in welcoming Zebra!

You have seen our toy animal giraffe and cow for Baby1. Now, here’s the newest addition to the family, toy animal Zebra! Haha…

Actually, we bought Zebra some time back late 2010, just that I’ve never gotten around to write about it.

We were shopping at Forum @ Orchard and chance upon this Mothercare shop there. Of course, we went in to take a look just to see if there’s anything worth buying. As usual, Dear1 will drag carry Baby1 to the toy section to check out the latest promotion.

Giraffe and Zebra were released as part of the same series, the savanna series I presume, since they’re both savanna animals. However, remember that it isn’t cheap, selling at $29 per piece usual price. That was why we only bought Giraffe back then.

Now, the latest promotion priced Zebra at an attractive $20, that’s 31% off the usual price. Wow, great opportunity to pick up Zebra to add to the collection. Haha… Besides, Baby1 will surely love it since they all so cute and cuddly. :P

And so, after much persuasion (guess who is persuading who…), we bought Zebra at the great discounted price. Yeahhh!

So, do Baby1 really love her cuddly toys. Well… She’s quite neutral about them, and they’re definitely not her favourite toys. Back in the days when she was about 6-10 months, she was only interested in grabbing and biting their tails. During 10-12 months, we brought Cow along for our cruise and Taiwan trips and she enjoy ringing the chime inside Cow. Most recently, she took some fondness in headbutting Giraffe and Zebra. I’ll say she’s growing to like them. Gee…

Dear2 often says that I’m buying toys that I want for myself while masquerading as toys for Baby1 (remember Lego?). Hmm… My reply is, Hahaha… well, if a toy can appeal to both Dear1 and Baby1, isn’t it more worth it?




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