I need some patience.  Patience with Baby1 for flipping and turning and flipping and turning in bed when it’s supposed to be bedtime. Patience for Baby1 to finish her one bowl of porridge in 2 sittings instead of the ideal 1.  Patience with Baby1 cos she is entering that ‘terrible twos’ phase where she cannot verbalise her wants and needs and she is as pek chek as mummy who cannot fathom what she’s throwing the tantrums about.

We need more patience.  Patience that the TTC plan is not successful this month so we would have missed a Rabbit Baby2.  Patience that it’s 2 more weeks to the next ovulation/ BD day, or would it even be a regular cycle for us to make the prediction?  Patience that it’s another at earliest January 2012 that we will see our Baby2, hopefully and keeping our fingers crossed, that the next BD plan will be a success.

I need patience.  Patience that Dear1 sometimes cannot see what I am seeing, that he cannot think what I am thinking, that he don’t speak the same Venusian language that I am speaking.   Stop.  Pause.  Before I start lashing out, I must have the patience to evaluate, Dear1 cannot see this item because of his narrower peripheral vision, Dear1 didn’t consider this factor because of Martian’s natural single-mindedness, or perhaps Dear1’s words were really actually referring to something else which happens to have opposite connotation as what I understand?

We need patience.  Patience that my mum’s “like that lor” actually really means “all things fine”, and that his dad’s 6pm meeting time actually means that they will only arrive after 6.30pm.

I need patience.  Yes, for that car hogging our lane because he drives at 50km/hr, and for that lady driver who cannot park in 1 single reverse.  And yes, for that 4 min MRT because I just missed the last one, and for that Raffles Place underground tunnel where everybody takes the same direction during peak hours.  Why is everybody walking so slow!?

Damn.  Am I such a city person where ‘fast’ is the norm?  My walking speed is not so fast wah actually.  But somehow I can’t stand this kind of speed that people are using.  Yes, I was never really a good tempered person, but the things around, the people around me, seems to irritate me easily.

To conclude, I just need more patience.  Patience for the people around me, and for the things around me.  Life is beautiful, and life is great.

– Dear2


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