Appreciate Your Martian Lover

One day, Dear1 told me to appreciate him more, and more often.  It must be that I really have not been appreciating him much, otherwise he would not have said this to me!

I do sometimes appreciate those things that Dear1 has done.  I appreciate that Dear1 wakes up earlier than me to wash Baby1’s bottles before waking me up.  I do appreciate that Dear1 loads the toilet paper when it is running low.  I do appreciate that Dear1 carries all the bags while I carry Baby1.  Just that I don’t actually thank him or verbalise acknowledgement whenever it happens.

I mean, early mornings are usually goggy and rush, where got the mood to hug Dear1 and thank him, what’s more, daily.   And by the time I exit the toilet, wash hands is more paramount, and usually by the time I see Dear1, the reloaded toilet rolls are the last thing on my mind.  And ermm…. One person carry bags and one person carry Baby1, it just seems like the ‘have to do thing’, except that perhaps the multiple and different shapes and sizes bags may be harder to lug than just carrying our Baby1.

But, that doesn’t mean you take things for granted!!  Things don’t necessarily have to be done this way, or even if this is the more convenient manner, at least show some appreciation that you do appreciate it!!

The problem is our Chinese traits, I say.  We Chinese don’t like to verbalise our thanks.  Tell me, do your parents say “I love you” to you when you were young, or even up till now?  Tell me, do your parents show their affection to each other in front of other people?  Haiz, apparently I am actually like that too.

But, a Martian needs such words of encouragement and praise to feel good.  This may even fuel their motivation to want to do more, and to be a more loving and caring hubby.

So, to all Venusians, appreciate your Martian more often than you remember, but you cannot do it silently in your heart; it has to be heard (by him, of course), or it has to be material!

– Dear2


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