Bad Bad IRAS

I hate IRAS.

First, they sent me a letter saying that I am not eligible for some relief which I submitted for the year of Assessment 2009 and demanded that I pay up the tax shortfall.  Mind you, Year of Assessment 2009 means for the income and expenses earned/ spent in 2008.  So that means this is for tax at least 3 years old.  Notwithstanding me being a busy working mum with loads of other things on my mind, how in the hell do I remember what I filed so long ago!!

Fine.  They say, you pay up first, and resubmit your claim.  If your claim is successful, they will refund you with a cheque.  So they automatically put me on a 3 month Giro installment, automatically because I DID NOT AUTHORIZE THIS GIRO LINKAGE.  It was linked up because I applied for Giro for tax paid last year, so THEY HAVE ALL THE AUTHORITY TO LINK ME UP FOR A NEW INSTALLMENT PLAN.  What f***!  Can like that one meh!?

Fine.  I called back IRAS and confirm that I will proceed with the Giro deduction while I submit the claim.  Mind you, we are still talking about the tax filed for Year of Assessment 2009 up till now.

Then a few days later, I received another letter saying that THEY HAVE LINKED UP GIRO TO DEDUCT MY TAX FOR YEAR OF ASSESSMENT 2011 for a 12 months Giro installment plan FOR MY TAX.  At that point in time, we were a few days short of the 15 April deadline for filing tax, and I WAS JUST IN THE MIDST OF DOING MY E-FILING.  So meaning to say, I HAVE NOT SUBMITTED MY TAX FORM YET, BUT THEY ALREADY FORESEEN HOW MUCH TAX I NEED TO PAY THIS YEAR AND HAVE DECIDED TO AUTOMATICALLY LINKED UP FOR ME A MONTHLY INSTALLMENT PLAN.  The best thing is, the Giro deduction will be made the next day (it was a 8th that day and the deduction will be the next day).

Of course I blew my top and called up IRAS. Needless to say, they cancelled the Giro plan for May.  April will still have to proceed cos it cannot be cancelled already (too late). Fine, I will pay up for the original amount owed but not this PRE-ASSUMED TAX!  Who in the world will agree to pay when you have not even submitted the tax form, much less, the tax payable be calculated already!!  Duh.

With this exchange, I thot that the case is settled, only to receive a RED NOTICE a few days later. Apparently the Giro for Case (1) failed, so now they impose a penalty on me.  I really have half the mind to demand that they retrieve the telephone recording of the Customer Service and tell me, I THOT YOU SAID THAT THE GIRO WILL PROCEED FOR APRIL!?  Now you are telling me that the whole Giro deduction is cancelled!?  What the f*** are you doing!?

Enough is enough, I don’t want to call them and seek explanation liao.  I’ll just pay up NOW, ok!?

Check account to make sure that no deduction has been made to IRAS at all, and I was down to make payment.

If IRAS’s intention is to irritate me so that I will make payment without questions, they have succeeded.  But they will only earn a really bad review here in my blog.

– Dear2


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