I really don’t understand Facebook.

Everyday, I will login to my Facebook account to see what my friends are saying.

I have friends who pen down all their slightest thoughts about themselves – I am bored today, feel like slurping on a sundae.  It’s the long weekends and I should go swimming, read a book, watch some movies, and have a nice dinner.  Yes, I should.

I have friends who write about their daily/ weekly to do list – I want to finish my work so as to enjoy the weekend; I want to jog at least 2 rounds today in order to slim down.

I have friends whose quote always begin with numbers.  They are quoting the bible aloud, because they want to remind themselves of some prayers?

I have friends who are always scolding somebody, could be their hubby, their boss or their colleague, I am not sure cos they never ever mention names.

I have friends who rant about their frustrations taking care of their babies 24/7, and I see their friends consoling them ever so frequently.  And these friends, hmm, usually are always the same few.

I have friends who prominently display their support for anti-government, and I have friends of friends who wholeheartedly agree with the PAP’s policies.

I have friends whose quote, I always do not understand cos it’s some IT lingo – some new version of some hardware, some new beta program of something.

I have friends who ever like to check in at the Bird Park, at some shopping mall, at some unknown location, dunno is it local or overseas that I never heard before.  And oh, I never knew that there’s so many doggie restaurants in Singapore.

I have friends who post all the photos that they capture on their iPhone, and I have friends who post all the photos that they capture on their cameras, including the ugly, unglam ones.

I do upload photos of Baby1 regularly, and I do occasionally rant a bit on FB, but I never do any of the above that my friends do.  I don’t understand Facebook, or rather, I don’t understand what are my friends’ intentions when they post these.  Are we becoming more self centered, or are we becoming more distant that we rather talk aloud cos there’s nobody for us to talk to?

And what about myself, this stalker?  I ‘stalk’ what my friends are writing about.  I see their grouses, I see their predicament.  I see their joy, I see their explores.  Was I happily gloating away when my baby is less naughty than their terrible little ones?  And was I seeking ideas on where to go, what to buy by comparing myself with my friends?  Shame to say, I am very probably like that.

Facebook is scary man……

– Dear2


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