Nex vs Clementi Mall

Clementi Mall definitely wins hands down over Nex.

We visited Nex one Sunday, and within 2 hours, I was eager to get out already.

Parking – With the famed insufficient parking lots within the mall, we decided to head to the HDB multi-storey carpark straight.  Bad choice, cos we had to park right at the highest level on the open air roof of the carpark, and had to lug the stroller all the way down the stairs.  Finally reach ground floor, but the mall is still bumps and distance away….  So big in sight, yet so far away…

Layout of the mall – It is the biggest heartland mall in town, but the layout sucks.  To me, I hate malls that do not have a clear defined theme and layout.  Shops in various shapes and sizes all over.  You can walk from one end to the other, but yet cannot find the lift or escalator up/ down.  The worse thing, there was a flight of stairs up to somewhere at one end, but we decided not to proceed cos again because of the stroller.  There were lots of eateries though, but probably a few too many cos everywhere you see restaurants, but where to shop?  And when we reach somewhere shop-able, hmmm…. this don’t look like a new mall leh.  Why do I feel that it looks old and messy, like some old shopping centre?

Toilets – The worse, worse worse.  I think the mall is opened for maybe half a year already? But the toilet is dirty and poorly maintained!!  Water is seeping through the toilet wall tiles, the tiles and doors look cheap, and there’s buckets and brooms in visible sight.  This just look like a cheapo mall.

Biggest, newest maybe, but definitely cheaply built too.  I wouldn’t want to go to Nex again.

Come Clementi Mall, it was newly opened recently though the basement with its NTUC Finest and various eateries were ready some time back.

Access via Clementi MRT Station – Cool.  It leads right into the station, so you can avoid that packed bus stop at the ground floor.  And it is spacious once you enter – at least on level two.

Shops – Cool!! Basement is all the food.  Level 2 is all the boutiques.  There’s a couple of jewelery shops right next to each other, so makes shopping for your favourite diamonds easier.  There’s a row of beauty salons at the higher floor – gives you one clear glance of what there is.  There is a cluster of baby shops at this floor too – mummies’ favourites!!  And not forgetting the National Library in this mall too.  Simply cool!!!

Toilets – Yes, like I say, one can tell whether there was budget for the complex by looking at the toilets.  It’s spacious here – at least 15 cubicles I would say, and mind you, not cheapo dirty looking ones, but those build with solid doors and beautiful tiles and lightings.

Clementi Mall beats Nex many hands down.  I am glad that we stay in the West to be able to frequent CM more often.

– Dear2


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