Passion Run 2011 in infinite time

Yup, we went for the Passion Run 2011. Well, technically, only I registered for the run, but the whole family went along to have fun at East Coast Park.

Initially, I decided to register for the run mainly for the race pack, because there was going to be a digital heart monitor watch in the pack. I thought it would be something nice to have since I don’t have a digital watch anyway, and the heart monitoring function would be nice too. Well, let’s just say the watch is rather disappointing. At least, it’s still a functional stop watch for me.

The other reason I registered for this run for to kick-start our running routine as well. Similar to Dear2, I have also nua-ed for so long ever since Baby1 was born.

On race day, it was a pretty tight schedule for us as we were attending the wedding lunch of a close relative. So after the wedding lunch ended at around 3pm, we made our way down to East Coast Park for the event at 4pm.

Perhaps due to oversight and long absence from running events, I forgot to check and confirm the exact flag off timing for the category that I registered for, the 5km fun run. We soon found out that my flag off time was the very late 6.50pm, meaning that we were 2 hours 50 minutes early. With Baby1 in tow, 2 hours 50 minutes of aimless wandering and waiting in the hot and humid afternoon can be is a nightmare.

*** Start digressing ***

It’s good to arrive early. As we arrived slightly earlier at around 3.45pm, we were able to find a parking lot at the E2 carpark. By the time we left, there were so many cars waiting in the carpark that there isn’t really any hope of finding a nearby lot other than being very lucky.

*** End digressing ***

We decided to have some fun and check out the carnival. None. There simply wasn’t much of a carnival. We decided to get some free drinks so we can enjoy a cool drink while we walked along the beach. Nope. Free cold 100-Plus was only for finishers inside the finishers tent. Sigh.

We decided to check out the 500m kids dash which was the first event to flag off so that we have an idea of what it’s like so that we can register Baby1 for the kids dash next time. But unlucky us, by the time we arrived at the finishing line, most of the kids had finished dashing.

Oh well, we walked the other way to the start line and managed to catch the first wave of the 25km race flagging off. We were there to experience the atmosphere right at the start line. And we caught a glimpse of our very famous Returning Officer Extraordinaire Mr Yam Ah Mee shouting off encouragements to the runners at the starting line. Hee…

By this time, we’ve pretty much decided that we’re not going to wait until 6.50pm for the fun run. So we walked to East Coast Lagoon hawker for some satay snacks and made our way home.

It wasn’t really the running experience I was expecting but it’s a good start. We will definitely make our next run – Jurong Lake Run. And we’ll probably have to bring Baby1 to her granny’s place during the event so that we can both attend the run together, just like old times. :)


For those who dunno him, I’ll embed the Yam Ah Mee Remix here.


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