Jurong Lake Run 2011

Dear1 and Dear2 participated in the inaugural Jurong Lake Run yesterday.  Oh, what fun!

The 5km Fun Run flagged off at 8.30 am.  We woke up at 6.45 am, ate cereals and drank milo, Baby1 woke up shortly after, fed and we hurried off to her grandparents’ place at Taman Jurong.  By 8am, we waved her goodbye while she sat glued to the TV watching Club Magic, and we were off walking to the Starting Point of the run.  Nice, nice.

Tharman Shanmugaratnam and Grace Fu and David Ong, and even Yam Ah Mee were there to wave us off at the Start Point.  Wow, what a huge crowd, and it took us 4 minutes before we could reach the starting line to start the fun proper.

It was Japanese Garden first.  Hee… Though Jurong-ers, it was the first time entering the garden for both Dear1 and Dear2.  There were too many people, and we had to keep our eyes on the ground as we side-stepped onto the grass to overtake the slow runners, many of which include mummies holding on to their toddlers or daddies pushing the stroller.  I reminded Dear1 that we should look at pretty scenery since it’s our first time here.  It’s really quite scenic with its lush greens and lotus flowers and leaves in the pond, but I doubt we’ll ever come in here again.  It’s just a Garden.

Loop 1 round round the Garden and we had a cup of 100plus at the 2km mark before exiting the Garden.  Oh, has it been so long since we participate in a running event?  People actually queue at the drinks station!?

Immediately after, we hit the park outside the garden.  The first 2 km was tiring, and I thought that I might not be able to continue the run.  Walk a bit, but walking means you will be over-taken by a lot more people.   Dislike!!  So we picked up the pace and run again.

Run, run, run.  Overtook some strollers again.  Overtook many walkers who were walking on the left, right and center of the path.  Overtook groups of red shirts who have to occupy the entire lane chatting away.  Overtook many slow runners who obviously don’t exercise a lot.  It was swish here, swish there, but I actually enjoyed overtaking all these people!  :p

1 km more to go.  And shortly after, one of the Marshall said last 100 m dash.  Usually when the Marshall said this kind of thing, it is at least another 500 m to go.  Surprisingly, we saw the Finish Gate just round the bend.  He really did not lie, haha.  Dash, dash, and we finished the run in 40 min.  Way to go, Dear1!

Had 1 can of 100 plus each, and we strolled through the park home to our lovely Baby1.

It was a nice run, though no carnival or any media coverage, but being so near to home is indeed very nice.  Please have more runs in the West please!!

– Dear2


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