The Things I like to Do

I like to cook. Cook a simple meal of potato porridge with pork for Dear1. Throw in some chopped carrots and frozen peas for added nutrition for Baby1 too.

I like to do gardening. Spray some water on that solitary pot of money plant sitting in the bathroom every time I take a shower, and squeeze some water onto that 3 little pots of plants sitting on the kitchen top.  See how they grow!

I like to read. Pick up Book 5 of the Wheel of Time – yes, I had finished Book 4 already, and plough through that 900 pages in 6 weeks.

I like to jog. Sweat it out, lose out the fats; keep pushing ahead, and keep pushing forward. Go join a run too if there is a suitable Run in the West.

I like to do cleaning. Surprisingly, yes, though it tires me out, but that spick and span house can really make me feel satisfied.

I like to do the things that I like.  What do you like to do?

– Dear2


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