Tobago; Qwirkle

I meant to write a review of Dear1’s latest board game, Tobago, but after playing Qwirkle yesterday night, I couldn’t resist not talking about this one too.

Tobago.  A treasure finding board game, player with the most number of treasure points win.  The meeple is not the typical head-body meeple, but an all terrain vehicle (in the usual solid green, yellow, red, blue, unfortunately) wooden block.  Credits for NOT having another head-body meeple – I’ve seen plenty in various shapes and sizes, thank you.

The board – made of typical hard cardboard, but comes on 2 printed sides, and 3 slices which you can miraculously join using a connector.  Interesting.  So you get at least 4? (Hmm… I can’t count clearly early in the morning) different play boards.

The cards and coins – of typical cards and hard cardboard again, so no points on this.  The trees, hut and statue – ah………… this is what makes the game score high on my list.  Solid.  Solid trees that look every bit like a solid coconut tree.  And the hut, oh, so cute looking brown huts.  And oh, the statue!!  Solid, solid, solid-stone statue, weighing every bit a solid stone.  Plus plus points.

The game – I get the feeling of doing Secondary school maths, with its “not in the river”, “in the biggest mountain”, “within 2 paces of a tree” sub-sets and elimination.  With the various drawn clues, you narrow down on where the treasure is, and go dig it up.  The game can be completed in under 45 mins, a super plus point compared to those that drag on for 1.5 hours and Dear1 still considers short.  Ermm………..

Then, there is Qwirkle.  No cardboard, no meeple, just 108 pieces of solid wooden square blocks.  The pictures are printed big big in 6 solid colours and 6 different shapes.  The game play is relatively intuitive, just connect the same line with the same colour or same shape and most points win.  Dear1 wanted to sell off the game after losing his 2 maiden plays, but NO, I’m sure that Baby1 will love the game as much as mummy does.  :p

Qwirkle.  Tobago.  I’ll gladly have another round of Qwirkle any day, until Dear1 finds enough online strategies to beat me flat.  :p

– Dear2


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