Home Movie

The Blind Side, Hello Stranger, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. These are the movies that Dear1 and Dear2 watched at home during our dates. Keke… I wouldn’t call this the perfect date, but watching rented DVDs at home beats many hands going to the theatres.

Price – Wins hands down. $10 for 3 movies, or $10 for just 1 ticket. You count the maths yourself.

Comfort – No smelly feet dangling from beside your arm rest, no rocky seats when some inconsiderate fellow keeps shaking his legs. No stiff neck at the end of the show. Too cold, too hot, you adjust your own home air con, fan or windows. First row, last row? Nah, you get the best seats in the comfort of your home. Go for a toilet break? No problem, just press pause. Too loud, too soft, you adjust to your liking!

Food – Popcorn, Coke, Chips, Burger, Fries, Chocolate. Wow, you can have it all, no need to smuggle these inside your big bag lest you get rejected entry. Not enough, press pause again and go toast more sausages, keke…

Discussion – When we were younger, I cannot understand why friends like to go watch movie as a form of gathering. Go in watch, come out, and it’s bye bye good night. Better spend that 2 hours DO something together if you want interaction. But in the comfort of home, you can discuss freely, or even rewind back a bit if you missed out some important part.

I like watching movies at home with Dear1. Saves money, and all too comfy and carefree.

– Dear2


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