Hearty Breakfasts

It’s very amazing how our natural body clock is so accurate.  Unlike working adults who like to laze in bed on weekend mornings, our Baby1 wakes up at about 7 plus every morning, weekday or weekend, rain or shine.  So on Saturdays and Sundays, we’ll bring her out to IMM, Jurong Point or Clementi Mall and have our breakfast.

MacBreakfast – No offer on weekends, so nope nope.

Long John Slivers – I hate the thick triangular bread though Dear1 finds them delicious.  Nooooo…. I don’t want!!

Ya Kun – $1.50 per cup of small coffee, really expensive though it’s really nice.  But I am not keen to spend $0.50 on 1 egg, or save just $0.10 for a set meal.

KFC Breakfast – The $2.50 porridge is nice, but by 11am, I’ll be hungry again.  Dear1 tried 2 versions of the Twister Wrap and complimented that it’s nice.

Swensens Breakfast – Omelette, sausage, bakes tomato, hushbrown, bacon.  Looks like very normal food to me wor.  I can make that too!

BK Breakfast – By far both our favourite.  I especially like the croissant-wich with ham.  Baby1 likes the circular hushbrowns too, but they are really salty though.

Week after week, we’ll have our breakfast in IMM, Jurong Point or Clementi Mall, enjoying the early morning quiet in these malls before doing our grocery shopping.  But one Sunday morning, I decided to make our own breakfast, saving that $10.

Fried some bacon, used the bacon’s oil to fry some hotdogs, and cook 2 sunny side ups each.  Tata, we have a hearty homemade breakfast.  Yummy!!

Our homemade wrap with Taiwan sausage.

Some weeks later, Dear1 bought some chapatti wraps from NTUC and suggested that we make our own version of The Wrap.  Ok, in goes Taiwan sausage, chicken nuggets, cheese, French fries, and diced tomatoes.  Not exactly the right combi.  So it was chicken nuggets, cheese, ham, French fries, and diced tomatoes the next time.  Yummy yummy!

It’s a lot of hassle to cook your own breakfast at home, but for a change, it might be more fun, saves money, and some room for creativity too.

– Dear2


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