Korea 2011 – Baby1

Dear1 and Dear2 can’t bear not to bring Baby1 along if we go on holidays.  7 days is a long time.  What if she misses us during this period?  What if she can’t sleep without mummy and daddy around?  So, when mummy and daddy goes on a holiday to Korea, Baby1 comes along.

But Baby1 is a fussy baby.  At 18 months, she sleeps less and wants to do more things rather than just stay still.  And at 10.4kg now, Beco-ing her along is not a light affair anymore.  Hence Dear1 decided that this Korea trip will be more free and easy – Dear1 listed down all the possible attractions that we might want to visit, but which day do what, we’ll decide accordingly on the day itself.

First, let’s talk about the flight.  We took the bassinet seat for Baby1.  Yes, she can sleep better in the bassinet, provided that it is not during take off, landing and when the seat belt sign is on which happens quite frequently.  And having the screen right next to the bassinet on the Singapore Airlines (SIA) flight means that we cannot watch any movie during the 6 hours flight, cos we don’t want the flickering screen to disturb her.  No movies is fine actually, except that Dear2 don’t dare to sleep either.  What if Baby1 gets abducted while I have my eye shut!?  I’d better keep an eye on her!  So it was taking turns to sleep for Dear1 and Dear2….

Next, on the hotel.  Cleanliness and spaciousness is really important, and here I am very pleased with the Ibis Seoul Ambassador hotel which we stayed in.  Plenty of storage and table space in the room, and the shower area in the bathroom is spacious enough for Dear1 and Dear2 to comfortably bath Baby1.

Now, on sight-seeing with Baby1.  During our Taiwan trip, she slept quite a bit in the Beco as we went sight-seeing on foot.  She practically fell asleep everytime we put her in the Beco.  We attributed that to the weather being cold, and she was only 1 year old that time.  On this trip, she slept quite a bit again.  Hmm… Was she bored by the walking?  When she woke up, I made sure to let her walk about a bit so that she gets enough circulation and breeze.

Being a fussy girl, Baby1 has never let us eat in peace in restaurants.  Usually before the food is even served, she’ll start crawling out of the feeding chair already.  This was one big problem that we already foresaw before the trip.  To get around this problem, we either (1) take turns to eat while the other parent brings out her to walk, (2) eat while she fell asleep in the Beco.  Interestingly, we had some restaurants that have bench-style seats, even with cushions, or the typical floor style in Korean restaurants, so Baby1 was able to have some nice sleep and mummy and daddy enjoy our meals in peace, or (3) eat cup noodles or buy take aways to eat in the hotel. :(

Seoul is a rather baby friendly place, unlike Hong Kong.  Here, baby wearing is very prevalent, maybe because some of the pavements are not exactly wheels friendly, and also because there’s so many stairs in the subway stations.  Strollers are commonly available for rent in the malls though.  We exchanged our passport for free rental of the stroller at COEX Mall and at the N Seould Tower Observatory.  At Lotte World, it was rental at 3000 won for an Iglesia.  We wanted to rent one at the Baby Fair too, but alas we found out too late, and the queue for the Iglesia was so very long because of overwhelming response.

On taking transport, this again is a headache for our fussy one.  She hates being still, so it was MRT once she hits slumberland so that she don’t fuss in the train again.  On buses and taxis, pray that the vehicle continue motion, else it was very much “uncle drives” and “almost there” to stop her fuss.  Haiz…

Baby1 fell sick on day 5 of our 7 days holiday.  We wanted to bring her to see the local doctor, but the nurses can barely understand English to attend to us, much less the doctor.  And even if we manage to see the doctor, do we dare to feed her the medicine or allow a jab?  So it was a scramble to return to Singapore as soon as we can so that she can see someone familiar.  Meanwhile, I had packed 2 pieces of the cool patch (and left the remaining 2 more at home), and a new bottle of paracetamol.  This experience taught me to bring all available medication and first aid in preparation, because it was so hard to get that 1 more pack of cool patch because the Koreans in stores can’t speak English!

The flight to and fro was a near disaster too, so one lesson that I’ve learnt is “never take over night flights if you don’t want to chance into wailing babies to disturb your sleep”.  Before the plane takes off, Baby1 will usually keep her eyes wide open, be it already 12 midnight, long past her usual bedtime.  She can even spot the far away mini playground in the boarding area of T3 while waiting for boarding!  We took the experience from the first flight and keep her entertained with stickers from the toy pack provided by SIA.  Phew, it was hard to make her keep sticking the stickers on mummy, den on daddy, den on herself and over and over again during the 30min descend.  But we made it.  :)

We love Baby1.  Though she is fussy, but we still love her nonetheless, and it makes all the hard work more worth it when she smiles at us.

– Dear2


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