Baby1’s First Day in School

It’s 1 September 2011 today, Teacher’s Day, and it’s Baby1’s first day in school!!

At 6am, Baby1 woke up crying for milk.  No choice, gotto drag our sleepy bodies up and make milk for her.  After that, it was eyes’ wide open and play until we set off for Granny’s house at 7.30, slightly earlier than our usual timings.

In the car, Baby1 fell asleep while Mummy and Daddy were chatting away.  Oh no, will she sleep past the 9 o’clock school time?  But no choice again, better let her sleep a bit now rather than have her tired later.  15 mins of cat nap and Baby1 was wide awake again, ready to play.  Throughout the whole morning, Mummy and Daddy and Granny keep telling her that she’s going to school today and she’s going to play with many Gor Gor and Jie Jie, hee hee…

At 8.35, Baby1 held onto Mummy and Granny’s hand, with Ye Ye walking behind, and we walked all the way to the school premise.  The 2 hours Little Learners Playgroup is located in one of the void deck in the RC, a good 10 mins walk from Granny’s house.  For the very first time, Baby1 walked all the way on her own without carrying!  Good job, baby!

From afar, we saw a few toddlers in the same yellow and blue uniform.  The teachers were still inside preparing the class, so every one was just sitting around.  To prep Baby1, Mummy and Granny kept showing her “there’s Jie Jie and Gor Gor, later go play with them”.  Ye Ye was seated a little behind the void deck, so during the 10 min wait, Baby1 was running between Ye Ye and Mummy, as well as occasionally leaning over Jie Jie’s bottle to see what she was drinking.

At 9, the teachers, set up 2 small chairs at the door and began distributing thermometers.  We had already taken ours at home using the specially-bought forehead thermometer.  One by one, the students lined up and the teacher began inspecting their tongues, palms and feet with a torch light.  We let most of the students go in first, and Baby1 had her turn next.  Oh no, Baby1 started to get frightened when the teacher tried to get her to open her mouth.  Oh no, will this begin her tantrum-throwing when everything was so-far-so-good until now?  The teacher managed to perform a quick inspection and temperature recording and we were off into the room.

Inside, the Gor Gors and Jie Jies were quietly sitting around the tables and playing among themselves.  By now, Baby1 was more interested in playing outside, then being inside the room.  Luckily, one slightly older Jie Jie came along and began staring at Baby1, probably because she’s a new face.  That helps to warm things up a little and Mummy was frantically ushering her to go play with Jie Jie.  Soon after, another bigger Jie Jie with an Apple tag on her shirt came along.  She take a badge from the box on the table and pinned it to Baby1’s t-shirt.  Surprising, Baby1 didn’t protest at all!

Class was almost about to start by now, but Mummy was still worried, will Baby1 cry later when Mummy and Granny leaves the room?  But no sooner than this thought, the teachers started to urge the earlier older Jie Jie to come play with Baby1.  Supposedly she is the ‘Monitress’ as we have heard from the teacher.  Baby1 was led further into the room to mingle with a group of kids, and we only manage to pick her out as she is the shortest and fairest in class.  Seeing that she was nicely mingled with the other students, Mummy and Granny quietly sneaked off and the teacher closed the door to start the class.

Granny decided to hang around since we have to pick Baby1 in an hour’s time.  The class usuallylasts from 9 to 11am, but the teacher advised an hour’s lesson for the first few lessons until the students gets more familiar.  We went to the nearby Community Centre to blow air con, and when we returned 45 mins later, Ye Ye was still sitting outside the class.  Hee hee, Ye Ye was worried that Baby1 will cry in class, so he decided to ‘standby’ outside, sounds to me like typical Daddy Dear1.  :p

At 10, the door opened and Baby1 was ready to go home carrying her own bag and a paper fish in her hand.  And she seemed happy, not at all crying!  Horray, seems that Baby1 had an enjoyable time in school today.

Mummy, Granny and Ye Ye walked Baby1 all the way home, stopping at the playground to play a little while.

It was Baby1’s first day in school, and I am glad that it was a happy one.  Tomorrow is Teacher’s Day holiday, the whole of next week is School Holidays, the following Monday is Polling Day off-in-lieu, so it’s gonna be some time until her next lesson.  Hope the second and third and subsequent lessons turn out well for Baby1 too.  :)

– Dear2


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