Pasta @ Olivevine, Suntec

Dear1 and Dear2 had pasta at OliveVine – Pasta Fusion at Suntec over the Comex weekend, and in my humble opinion, the pasta is nice!!

We ordered a grilled fish with cream pasta at $8.90, and a chicken cutlet in spicy spaghetti, topped up $4 to add a large glass of iced lemon tea, a soup and a dessert of the day (which turns out to be warm carrot cake).  Both the pasta were fantastic!!

On the cream pasta first.  Lots of cream sauce, and 3 slices of grilled fish.  A very hearty presentation all for just $8.90, not a bad deal at all.

The second dish was even more awesome.  The fried chicken cutlet was of a decent big size, served with a generous serving of the spaghetti.  What I loved most about the pasta was it’s spicy taste and the spaghetti strands cooked just to the right softness, exactly how I like my pasta, yummy!

No GST or service charge (though you have to place your orders at the counter yourself), located at the Roof Garden on level 3, I will definitely come back for seconds if not for the expensive parking at Suntec.  Not to mention the crowds here too, what a pity.

– Dear2



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