Fun @ Indoor Playground

Indoor playgrounds are great places for our little ones.  Apart from having a safe (aka soft) avenue for them to learn motor skills through play, climb, run arounds, they are also a great place to learn the first socialisation skills through interaction with other kids.  Mummy loves to bring Baby1 to indoor playgrounds!

So far, we’ve only been to three of such.  KidsAmaze at Jurong Safra seems to be the largest with the tallest playground with multiple storeys (really!!), but for our 19-month old, this seem to be kinda advance for her yet.  We’ve heard of SingKids at Vivocity and T3, but at $18/hr per adult on weekends, it seems a bit extravagant…. There’s also one at (Orchid?) Country Club, but the pictures I’ve seen doesn’t seem very impressive with just 1 tiny ball area.

Let’s talk about those 3 that we’ve been to.

Fidget @ Turf City

First, parking is free, so plus plus plus points.  It’s free entry for kids under 1 year old, and $8 whole day for our 19-month old.  Adults go in free, yeah.  Among the 3 that we have visited, Fidgets is the largest, with 3/ 4 separate areas including 1 small corner for babies under 12 month.  The play area for the older kids is very large, ample space for kids except when the kids are ‘released’ from whatever birthday party they were attending in the function rooms.  During this time, you’ve better stay away from the play area until these rowdy bigger children return to their parties.

Go Go Bambini @ Dempsey

Again, parking is free at Dempsey, so horray.  $6 for our little ones, and free for us parents.  The interior however was very disappointing.  First, the staff did not even ask if we want to sanitize our hands.  No sanitization for us means none for other parents and kids there too.  Hmm… This scores minus points at first impression.  Then upon passing the gate, we were unsure if we need to change into socks already.. There were visible shoe prints on the floor, but the play area is just next to it!!  Eeks, I don’t want to talk about how someone can walk (shoe or sock, I don’t know) into the toilet which is just round the corner, then go back into the play area.

On the play area, it’s really kinda small and low, and it gets even worse when the kids are released from their party.  For a while, we were happily enjoying the exclusiveness to us (it was just us one family there on that Saturday late afternoon), but we had to scramble down to safety when the tods come scrambling up.  It was a nightmare to even recall it.

Peekaboo @ Kallang Leisure Park

No free parking at the stadium area, so we put coupons every hourly because we don’t know how long Baby1 will enjoy the place.  At $10 per entry, it seems expensive for a play area slightly bigger than that at Go Go Bambini.  But despite it’s squeeze, the main playground is fun!  Ample of balls in the balls area – that’s what I will really call a Balls Area.  There’s even lots of rockers, and a mini slide and a mini swing, a tod-size sink/oven area, and a mini house, all so suitable for our little one.  Yeah, truly, until Baby1 reaches 2 when she’s more mobile and confident in running around on her own, big playgrounds and slides don’t attract her as much as these little ones.

Next up, I’ll want to bring Baby1 to Polliwogs at East Coast Park.  The parking at ECP is usually horrible at the most popular area where the playground is located, so we’ll see how it goes when we are there.

Have fun!

– Dear2


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