Fun @ Polliwogs

Following our extravaganza at three indoor playgrounds recently, our family decided to head down to Polliwogs at East Coast Park for an experience too. We managed to chance upon an empty lot at the free carpark, so it was savings-savings for us, heehee…

At registration, the rates had revised from the earlier $6 for 90mins on weekends to $8 for 2 hours.  Extension is $5 for every 30 mins, and the attendant made sure that we understood it was still $5 even if we over stayed for a mere 15 mins.

Into Polliwogs, it’s quite impressive.  A big lounge area, a small counter that serves foods and drinks (you can collect your free cup of coffee/ tea here too, not bad for $8!) a big area for infants with a slide and a separate ball area. And we have not even went into the big playground yet!!

We let Baby1 play at the infant area for a while first.  After a few attempts in various balls area, she is more confident waddling among the balls now.  Walk here walk there, climb here climb there, and it’s off to the big kids’ area.

Here, it’s pretty huge with at least 2 slopes to climb up and 2 slides down.  We cajoled Baby1 up the big playground, and got her to slide down the slide herself.  Woosh!!  At 19 months, she’s still a little too young to control her descend lest her small bottom hits the ground with a thud.  The acceleration’s too fast for her too, but we are sure that she’ll love the slides when she gets a bit older.

By 1.5 hours, Baby1 was already tired and restless. We quickly have a tour of the outdoor playground which comprises of 1 large inflatable air structure.  This is sort of an obstacle course where the older kids climb up the slope, and go through various obstacles, all wobbly filled with air of course.

Paid the $8, put on our shoes, and we were off enjoying the evening breeze at the beach before heading home for dinner and showers.

Polliwogs is fun!  It’s big enough to accommodate rowdy toddlers when they are released from whatever birthday parties they were attending in the various functions rooms.  1 child admits 2 adults FOC, so it was a nice family outing for us threesome.  Similar to the other indoor playground which we have visited, there seems to be quite a handful of Caucasian kids there too.  I like the glass walls of the place which make it bright, though a bit hot too.  Finally, free parking (provided you go at the right time)!

Next up, we want to try pitching our tent and our picnic chair. But first, the tent probably needs some cleaning first since it has been ages since we last put it up (hmm… actually just once, LOL).

– Dear2


2 thoughts on “Fun @ Polliwogs

  1. Hi,

    May u share with us the Free Carpark u in? I mean the alphabet of the Carpark?

    Besides that, if not free what would be the hourly carpark if u were aware?


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