Collecting board games was fun

I can’t remember when I was first introduced to board games. I seemed to recall it was during my holidays at the end of my third year in undergrad, at my internship company. I recalled a discussion where one colleague was trying to tell us how fun Settlers of Catan was. But I didn’t have the interest to find out more.

The next time was probably during my postgrad years. One of my lab-mate was a close relative to the owner of one of those board game cafes. And so we spend a few happy hour afternoons over the years at the board game cafe playing games. Board games were indeed fun, I thought. But the prices were just too expensive.

Some time later, I would come across this website that sold board games online, typically at 20% off those prices in the brick and mortar stores. Now, that got me excited, and I made my first 2 purchases, Citadels and Pandemic.

When I buy board games, my first consideration was always Dear2, because she would be my most preferred gaming partner. And Dear2 did enjoy playing. She picked up the rules very easily and was able to quickly develop strategies for the games that we were playing. I found it very fun pitting our wits together and having an intellectual tug-o-war.

My “network” of board gaming sites increased, and I discovered many more online board game stores. I even found an active board game meetup group locally where there are tons of discussions going on, not to mention a buy/sell section on the forum.

My little collection started becoming bigger, taking up more and more shelf space. But it also meant that each game got played less and less, and many of them just sat on the shelf for an extended period of time. Not only that, my initial criteria for choosing games expanded. I was not only buying games that I think Dear2 and I will enjoy playing, but I was also buying games I think other people will enjoy playing when they have a chance to play them (<-convoluted logic). And then the whole idea of collecting games became a game in itself. Collecting!

My collection grew to a size of 36, counting only distinct titles, and 50 something if I counted all the expansions too. It was getting out of hand. Our shelf space was quickly diminishing, and some games were still in shrink, waiting to be played. My interest in board games evolved from playing to collecting. Also, I started to have high expectations in my choices of games. Some games that I thought Dear2 will enjoy playing, she did not. And I would be disappointed.

Thinking back, it wasn’t like this when I started. I would have no expectations and just enjoyed playing. But as my collection grew, I too grew overly attached to them, making me more defensive. Dear2 and I had a few fights over this growing hobby/collection of mine.

Well, it has gotten to the point which I feel is out of hand. For me, personally, I am spending too much time, energy and money on board games. For us, it has become a source of conflict in our relationship. Playing board games with Dear2 used to be fun. Not anymore.

So, I am going to put a stop to it. I am not going to buy new board games. And, I will be selling off my collection (if I’m able to find sellers at reasonable prices).

I am released. Cheers to more shelf space, an open mind and an open heart.


P.S. Just wanted to share a video here.


2 thoughts on “Collecting board games was fun

  1. Hihi,

    Do let me know the list of board games you’re selling and price list; my hub sounds exactly like you in this aspect (rapidly growing collection of similar type board games; similar type expectations on enjoyment of play etc) … who knows, he may wish to purchase some :) If you can bear to part with them!


    • Hi Leia,

      I don’t know about your hub, but Dear1’s this ‘collecting’ hobby was seriously going out of hand (for me), so I wouldn’t want to fuel it too much. Rather than constantly thinking about games, be it in buying, selling, buying add-ons etc, or even just playing it, enough is enough and we are putting a stop to this, and we’d rather spend time and effort more on each other and on our darling Baby1. Dear1’s ‘to-go’ list is already all taken up, so sorry for that. :p


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