Where is the “Me”

Nowadays, I can hardly tell which nickname is which of my friend on Facebook and on MSN, cos’ their pictures are usually a baby’s face, or of a toddler or 2.

As me and my peers age, we add new members to our family, and our focus all tune to our darling little ones.  Status update on Facebook becomes status updates of the happenings and progress of our little ones, and they no longer are “my” updates anymore. Long lists of friends’ comments becomes all talk about ‘”she’s so cute” or “my little one is doing exactly that too!”.  I even have a friend who resisted Facebook for many years, only to open an account when his baby boy is recently born so that he can join the Daddies and Mummies community online.

Dear1 and Dear2 also recently each borrowed a couple book from the library recently.  Each one of us should have our personal space to prevent burn outs.  Need to spend quality time as a family and as a couple to foster strong relationships.  With only 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, how to manage the “Me”, “Wife” and “Mummy” at the same time, not to mention “Daughter, Sister, Daughter-in-law, Sister-in-law”, and even “Friend”!?

Enough is enough.  2 weeks of staying at home and doing the things that I like, I found “Me”, a me that has been put off for some time because of all these daily demands.  Without a “Me”, I can hardly fulfill any of the other roles at all, don’t you agree!?

For 2 weeks, I did extensive cleaning of the house, cross stitch, watch tv and video, read, do hula hoop etc.  2 weeks passed in a flash and there’s many more things that I haven’t got the time to complete, but don’t worry, reading about property, reading about photography, washing the fans and more cleaning again, cross stitching, I’ll slot these in among my daily routine life when I get back to work again.

Life is exciting, and should be exciting, for it is a blessing for us to be able to be healthy and well to be able to do all the things that make us happy.  And when we are happy, we will be able to pass this happiness on to our love ones around us.

Stay positive!

– Dear2


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