A Trip Alone

I woke up at 7am, and gazed at Baby1 sleeping next to me. My eyes watered involuntarily at the thought of not being able to do the same for the next 5 mornings. I was going to Shanghai for a conference for the next 5 days. It would be the first time I had to travel without my family.

I was on a morning flight, so that meant I had to ready myself to set off for the airport soon. Initially, I had hoped to leave the house before Baby1 woke, but that was not to be. Baby1, with her well tuned bio-clock, woke up as usual at around 7.15am. That meant I had a bit of time to interact with her before I had to leave.

Maybe her baby sense told her something, but I found Baby1 unusually quiet and solemn this morning, her baby hands lightly stroking my back while I carried her. Maybe she saw my watery eyes.

My bags were packed the day before, so there was no last minute rush at all. However, the timing was tight and I really had to leave for the airport. Dear2 and Baby1 accompanied me to the void deck, my parents were there to drive me to the airport. A kiss to Baby1 and a kiss to Dear2, and I boarded my parents’ car. I wondered if Baby1 understood, she did looked rather puzzled, with just a touch of unhappiness. My eyes watered again.

Suddenly, I remembered seeing this Japanese girl on the Keisei Skyliner on our way to Narita airport during our Japan trip. She was carrying a large luggage and tearing most of the way on the 1+ hour train ride. As an observer, it was easy to tell that she was leaving her family and probably won’t be back in a while. Today, I felt that I could better appreciate her feelings that day. Eventhough my trip was short, I think the emotions are similar, strong and deeply rooted.

Today, I had learnt yet another valuable lesson of life, and gained a drop of wisdom.



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