Mixed Vege Rice Phenomenon

Our blog typically draws 100 views a day since it’s inception. Imagine my surprise when I found out that my site stats went sky high overnight! Let me recount the string of events that followed the popularity of The Art of Ordering Mixed Vege Rice.

8 Feb: Someone shared the link on Facebook

On this day, there were 9944 visitors, of which 6473 came from Facebook. So I would guess that someone stumble upon this particular post of mine and really enjoyed it. Then this person shared the link on Facebook and soon his/her friends and their friend’s friends started visiting.

8 Feb: Someone started a thread on EDMW

On the same day, someone created a thread on EDMW to share the link too. Although I do not have the details, but I am guessing that the EDMW thread was created after the Facebook link share. The reason being, several replies on the EDMW thread mentioned that they’ve already read it. Since we only have about 100 visitors per day prior to this day, I find it unlikely that the people who replied on EDMW are regulars to our blog. Hence, I guess that they must have read it on Facebook earlier on the same day.

9 Feb: I came home and discovered the surprise

So I didn’t login on 8 Feb. When I login on 9 Feb however, I was puzzled to see the figure, 14608 visitors. My first reaction was that WordPress probably made a mistake. However, a quick look at my stats details revealed that the majority of the visits were to that particular Vege Rice post. This was when I made my discovery of what had happened the day before on 8 Feb.

Over dinner, I eagerly told Dear2 about the number of visits and she was just as excited as I am. It really made our day, our blog had its busiest day since our first post on 24 Nov 2006. I would also like to thank the readers who went on to read about us and our other posts. I hoped that you have found them interesting.

I also checked my Facebook account on this day to verify the plausibility of the small world experiment and six degrees of separation. Indeed, *one* of my friends had re-shared the link. This meant that over the course of roughly 1 day, the first shared link on Facebook had made its way through various connections (although I have no way of knowing how many degrees of separation) over Facebook and returned to me, the author. Interesting, small world experiment in real life, in my life! However, none of Dear2’s Facebook friends had re-shared the link. Small world experiment failed. Food for thought. :)

10 Feb: Past the peak

Traffic dropped to 5223. I suppose the interest had past. Nevertheless, it is still the 3rd most busiest day for us.

11-16 Feb: Steady decline

Traffic is steadily declining. On 16 Feb, it was still hovering at around 250 views per day. I hoped that this had meant that our blog had gained some regular readers. But then again, it could be due to residual readers from Facebook.

17 Feb: Talked about on FM100.3

So I was driving home as usual at around 6.30pm. I turned on the radio and tuned in to my regular FM93.3. By a stroke of luck, it was a song I didn’t like so I switched stations to FM100.3. Within the next minute of so, the host started talking about tips for ordering mixed vege rice. *Raise eyebrow* Could it be?

Indeed it was! The host started referring to the 14 tips of ordering mix vege rice, in Mandarin of course. I was grinning from ear to ear as I hear them recite each and every tip I had shared. My 心得 being shared on national radio is definitely something that I am proud of. :D

Dear2 wasn’t with me in the car as I was on my way to pick her up. But I still quickly SMS her to tell her about the good news. However, as fate would have it, Dear2’s FM radio on her phone was not working and she couldn’t listen in on the radio program. And I had no record function on the car radio. Well, I did describe the details to her as best as I could.

17 Feb: Page 10 of Wanbao

So it was mentioned by the radio hosts that the article was published on Wanbao. I eagerly bought a copy as soon as I had my car parked. Turn to page 10, there it is, everything translated to Mandarin quite accurately. I couldn’t hide my grin, My 心得 on national newspaper! :D

Here's the proof, 17 Feb 2012, Friday, Wanbao, page 10.

There was also a small additional section where the reporter interviewed some mixed vege rice stall owners to get their feedback. The owners rejected tips 2, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 saying they will not work but didn’t comment on the rest. Does this mean that the remaining tips do work?

A minor complain though, Wanbao didn’t cite the source. -_-”

18 Feb: My recap

That’s today, and that’s the end of my recap. It has been a phenomenon ride for Dear2 and I. Thanks to everyone, the readers, and all the various sources of mass media that have taken notice of our little blog. Do return and support us with your continued readership. :)



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