On Leave Taking – Revisit

So, I have written a post early last year, sharing my thoughts on leave taking. Let’s revisit the idea and see how my leave had been used in the year 2011.

Coloured dates indicate the days I am not in office. Half coloured days indicate half day leaves.

Let’s revisit some of the ideas I brought up in my previous post.

  1. I didn’t clear any leave as I didn’t need to. My leaves were well distributed throughout the year and there was no need to clear any block leaves towards the end of the year.
  2. It is definitely possible to have ‘short’ working weeks throughout the year. By ‘short’, I mean any working week less than 5 days. In fact, I only have 8 ‘normal’ weeks in 2011, the other 44 weeks were all ‘short’.
  3. I mentioned that I preferred to take Wednesday off, and indeed that was what happened. Most of my leaves were on Wednesdays. Mid week break sure is good.
  4. I also mentioned that I preferred AM leave to PM leave. Well, that has changed. I now think that PM leave is better. The analogy is like doing homework when we were back in school. It is better to work hard first then play hard. That is, work in the morning, then relax the rest of the day.
  5. I used up all my MC. Some were serious, like stomach flu in Jan and suspected food poisoning in Nov. Some were medium-serious, like bad throat infection twice. Some were mild, like running nose.
  6. There were 2 off in lieu due to elections.
  7. I took 2 holidays last year. Once in January to Taipei, and once in August to Seoul.
  8. I went for a 1 week business trip.
  9. I brought forward 6 days leave to 2012.

So, all in all, I do think that my ideas for leave taking is feasible. Work life balance is important to me. I prefer to have regular short weeks so that I can spend some time with Dear2, have some personal time, or even to do piled up housework like washing the fans and sunning the pillows.

I am also thankful to my supervisors for never rejecting my leave requests and I reciprocate by being responsible and making sure that my deadlines are met and duties dutifully delegated when I’m not around.

Here’s looking forward to another work life balanced year 2012!



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