No LPG Delivery between 8pm-8am

Dear2 and I seldom cook at home. So 1 cylinder of LPG will normally last quite long for us, maybe 1 year or so. Since moving in, I think we’ve ordered at most 3 or 4 cylinders thus far. And we’ve also changed our tubing once as per safety recommendations even though we don’t use it much. Safety first.

So, one day (not too long ago), Dear2 decided that she will wake up early to prepare fish porridge for both of us to bring to work for lunch. That morning, she woke up, only to discover that we’re out of gas. As it was around 6am in the morning, we decided that the gas companies couldn’t be open and decided to order new gas only that evening when we got home.

That evening, we arrived home at 7.50 pm. We promptly called up the gas company to order a cylinder of gas so that we could cook our fish porridge the next day. However, we were shocked to find out from the gas company that lorries carrying LPG cylinders were not allowed on the roads between 8pm-8am. It was the first time we had heard anything like that.

The situation was bad for us. It was already 8 pm, so we couldn’t receive the gas that evening. And we needed to set off from home before 8 am in order to send Baby1 to her granny’s place and ourselves to work on time. And the fish in our fridge was already 2 days old, and it was several more days to the weekend. What was we to do?

After some haggling, the lady from the gas company was willing to help us ask around if there was a deliveryman staying near us, and hence could make an early delivery.

Several minutes later, she replied. She had indeed found a deliveryman staying nearby and he was willing to take a small risk and arrive at our house exactly at 8 am the next morning. That would also mean that he would have to be on the roads slightly before 8 am.

Fine, that will have to do. We’ll wait until 8 am, leave 2-3 mins for installation, and quickly set off to work. The fish porridge will have to wait yet another morning then.

The next morning, our doorbell rang at 7.55 am. The gas deliveryman was early. He quickly finished with the installation and was on his way. Very quick, we were on our way too. That was the end of this episode of gas changing.

It wasn’t until this episode that we realized the inconvenience of ordering gas for dual income family like ours. We didn’t know that gas cannot be delivery from 8 pm – 8 am. It would be alright for housewives who stay home all day. But not for us. That would mean that weekends are the only time we can get gas delivered. That would mean that if we ran out of gas on a Monday morning, we’re out of luck. This is something we will have to take note of in the future.

Also, I’m wondering what is the rationale for such a restriction? Perhaps the civil defence houses lesser staff during the night? Hence such a restriction to reduce the possibility of a fire hazard on the roads? I don’t know. Any one who knows, drop us a comment.



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