Saving Every $ 2

We emptied our piggy bags again yesterday. The last time we did so was roughly 19 months ago. This time, we emptied both our $1 piggy bank and Baby1’s two 50cents piggy bank. This time, our piggy was only about half full, but both Baby1’s piggies to filled to the brim.

And the grand total is… $1110.

Wow… It never fails to amaze me just how much we can save through a traditional piggy bank. $1110 over 19 months works out to be about $1.94 per day, or just about $1 per person per day.

Just be discipline and systematic and your efforts will pay off. :)

Keep saving!


p.s. This is my first entry posted from our iPad 2. :)


One thought on “Saving Every $ 2

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