Baby1 is Going Primary School Soon! (in 4.5 years’ time…)

Baby1 is going to Primary School, and mummy is suddenly panicky about what to do! 

Baby1 is 2 year 3 months old now, and in another 4.5 years, she’s going to Primary School.  Let’s ignore the N1, N2, K1 and K2 for the time being – these are not compulsory so I should be able to get a place easily, (I hope!). 

Dear1 and Dear2 are not concerned if Baby1 does not enroll into a prestigious Primary School like what most parents are concerned about. Afterall, the both of us came from a humble neighbourhood Primary School just next to our houses.  Dear2 proudly recalls herself being the top second student in the school for PSLE result.  And both of us eventually graduate from NUS too, Singapore’s top university.  So any school for Baby1 which is within walking distance is ok. 

But but, with us looking to move house now, the new house’s location is VERY important!  Is there any Primary School in the vicinity?  It will be nice if the school is a good one, better if it’s prestigious. 

And and, what about care of Baby1 after school hours?  Will Granny continue to look after her?  But Granny is surely not able to coach Baby1 in her homework.  Parents and non-parents alike all over are constantly lamenting about how difficult Primary School syllabus has become.  Will we be able to provide an answer when Baby1 seeks help from us on her school work, or we will have to resort to googling or desperately asking our friends for help on Facebook?  I shudder to think about this. 

What about enrichment classes?  My little nieces of 4 and 5 years old are already sitting for exams for their dancing class.  I’m sure they are attending music and swimming and art and what-have-you classes on Saturdays and Sundays too.  But what about us?  Mummy and Daddy has been lazy, so it’s either laze in bed on weekends to replenish our much needed rest, or drag ourselves out to somewhere just so Baby1 gets to leave the boring house.  Is she missing out on something for her weekends!? 

We tell ourselves that we do not want to be mainstream parents – parents who do volunteer work in Schools so that their child gets a higher priority, or parents who spend the whole of their weekends sending their kids to enrichment classes. We want to let Baby1 grow and learn at her own pace, and we want to be able to coach her in her school work rather than let her spend hours in English, Chinese, Maths and Science tuition classes. But when you see all your parent-peers doing exactly what every other parent is doing, you wonder if you are missing out on anything?  I keep wondering, and it’s a very scary thought. 

Four and a half more years to go.  Looks like a long time, but why do I feel so worried about it now….

– Dear2


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