The Stalls that I Condemned

Dear1 has the practice of condemning certain foodstalls, might be because they increase 50c from $2.50 to $3.00 (a 20% increase he says!), or might be because of the stall holders poor attitude, or simply because if the portion is very little.  I am less particular, as long as the food is nice, I am okay to pay a bit more, or eat it only when I’m not too hungry.  However, if the following scenarios happen, then it’s Bye Bye forever for these stalls. 

–          You found a 3 inch long black feather in your fish bee hoon noodle, and there’s a big chili stalk too!

–          You find a complete rubber band among your curry vegetables from the mixed vege rice

–          You specifically asked for thoroughly cooked eggs in your youmian, but it’s still very raw.  And it’s only 11.30am, so there’s totally no lunch time crowd at all.

The Arcade Fish Bee Hoon, it’s neighboring Vege Rice and Chevron House’s Youmian were all my favourites.  Yummy and very near to office so it was an almost weekly lunch treat for myself.  But from these single encounters, I now shudder every time I pass by these stalls, with the memories still remaining fresh after all these months.  Are the stall owners simply bo chup, less one me customer but there’s still many more others? 

I am definitely condemning these 3 stalls, and I will not hesitate to share my displeasure with my peers. 

And mind you, reviews do count.  Consumers will know, so if you want to remain in business, don’t play play (and I guess this applies to any business owners too). 


– Dear2


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