My Review of the Philips Airfryer

“1 teaspoon of oil is all it takes to fry your French fries!”  Cool, so healthy!  As we all know, you need lots of oil to fry your fries.  Believe me, I’ve ever tried to fry French fries using a shallow pan with little oil and it took so mighty long time for the fries to be ready, so when Bryan Wong came out with this innovation, I thought it’s the coolest and healthiest kitchen appliance ever.  I even told Dear1 to get me this as the coming Christmas or birthday present! ($300+ present is considered a big present for me)

So when we went grocery shopping at NTUC Extra one Sunday morning and saw it on promotion price of $299 (with free chopping board set), it was without hesitation.

First we tried the homemade fries.  Surprisingly, though not very nice visually with the thin edges slightly charred to a light brown, Dear1 was with all praises for it.  Is it because of the waxy potato used, the 30min soak in water, just that 1 teaspoon of oil coated on the fries, or simply because of the Airfryer’s mechanism?  Regardless, this homemade fries is yummy, more more!

Next we experimented with chicken wings, and they were oiishii too.

The following week, we did the same, and cooked a couple frozen nuggets too.  With 2 weeks’ of experience, here’s my verdict: I can actually do without this Airfryer since we already have an oven, but since I’ve already bought it, I’ll just have to cook more with it.

Here’s why:

  1. Airfryer does not actually fry; it works more like an oven than a fryer.  You can’t really fry prawns or fish in batter like you do in deep oil drying, cos the batter will just drip or stick (real nasty) to the basket. So it’s only for ‘dry’ foods and you coat with a layer oil to ‘fry’.
  2. With (1) above, so it’s actually more like baking since I bake nuggets and chicken wings and fries in my oven.  No muffins and baked rice using the Airfryer.
  3. No muffins baked rice is fine, at least the foods from the Airfryer are really juicy.  And the cook time is real fast.  20 mins is all it takes to make fries that is soft on the inside, not like my oven that take ages to cook my wedges, and they are not even soft.
  4. I’ve only tried using 1/2 of the volumn of the pan, and the Dear1 and I were already fighting over the fries.  I wonder will the food cook thoroughly if I fill it up, cos, the volume is really small.  When people tell you this appliance is meant for small families, they really do mean it.
  5. Did they also praise that your house don’t smell of oil anymore with the Airfryer.  Of course, if you compare Airfryer with traditional deep frying.  But for me, my house now actually does smell of oil after using the Airfryer, cos without the Airfryer, we have not done any deep frying before, ever!
  6. And oh, the washing.  Dear1 has kindly offered to do the washing up everytime.  But again, before, we actually do not have any washing to do when we use the oven for nuggets.  It was use a new piece of aluminium foil for every cook and throw.  But now, even if I line the bottom pan with foil to catch the oil drips, the basket mesh still needs washing up everytime.  Lining this with foil will defeat the whole point of circulation isn’t it.
  7. And the floor.  Just 2 time’s of use and we had to mop the kitchen floor. Again, before, I never had oily floor with my oven.  And even when I do cooking on the stove, the cardboard paper placed at the stove area can effectively catch all that oil splatter.  But now….
  8. Next headache is – what to cook?  Lazy me only wants to do simple foods – foods that can be prepared using 1 appliance so that washing of pots is minimized.  I see people coming up with creative recipes of dishes, but sorry, can I not have to boil that potato first before making the potato ball, or can I not have to stir my airfried bacon into another pan of scrambled egg?   Minimize minimize….
  9. Last but not least, eat while your food is hot.  Really!  The fries turned absolutely limp when it was totally cold. Many reviews with other ‘fried foods’ also commented that you just lose that crunch altogether when the food is no longer warm.

Perhaps my views are very biased with just 2 times of usage.  Like I say, since I’ve already bought it, I’ll try to use it more often.  My dark soya sauce chicken wings are delicious, can’t wait to make it again this weekend. But if you ask me, will I recommend it, I’ll probably say no, especially if you already have an oven at home. Unless you are really a hardcore homemade fries fan, or likes to experiment with cooking (for small families only, ie just yourself and your better half), or prefers your frozen nuggets more crunchy then dry.

– Dear2


3 thoughts on “My Review of the Philips Airfryer

  1. Thanks. Nice feedback. If we use the kitchen cupboard mounted type of oven to cook 2 drumsticks, we will end up cleaning up the whole oven, that is quite lots of work.

  2. Just use it a bit more and you will change your mind entirely. It’s absolutely amazing. Im also a minimal utensils kind of person and the air fryer is wonderful.basket goes into dishwasher, and non stick base just wipes clean.steak chicken pizza savouries…you can even put ovensafe dishes into the airfryer

  3. Thanks for the feed back….would love to know how you cook your dark soya sauce chicken wings…any chance of getting the recipe? Thanks!

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